V Rising Horse Guide – How to Get a Mount

You can find a horse in V Rising and use it to get around more quickly in the open world. But how exactly do you find a horse in this game?

V Rising Horse Guide - How to Find a Mount Featured

This V Rising horse guide will teach you all about how to find a mount in this game. You can use horses to get around quicker in this gothic open world. But how exactly do you get a mount in V Rising?

How to Get a Horse in V Rising?

Here are the steps to getting a horse in V Rising:

  1. Travel to Dunley Farmlands
  2. Go to the Militia Encampment to the southeast
    • There is also a Militia Encampment to the southwest of Dunley Farmlands that has a horse
  3. Look near the Militia Encampment for horse stables
  4. Interact with the horse
  5. Take the horse back to your castle

The fastest way to find a horse is to immediately head to Dunley Farmlands. Locations such as Farebane Woods do not have horses. The Dunley Farmlands have Militia Encampments which both have horses near and in them stationed in the southwest and southeast side of Dunley Farmlands.

You’ll find a horse as soon as you do a little looking in either of the Militia Encampments in the Dunley Farmlands. Both have horse stables near them that have horses you can get. All you have to do is walk up to a horse and interact with it to mount it. Check the image below for the exact location of where you can find a horse in V Rising.

Dunley Woods Militia Encampment Horse Location - V Rising Horse Guide How to Find a Mount
You can find a horse here.

It’s easy to find a horse in the beginning of the game and you’re advised to do so as soon as possible. Horses are very useful for getting around in the gothic open world of V Rising. Now you can take back the horse to your castle and you now have a mount to get around.

Horse controls are pretty simple, but they’re different from just walking around. You’ll eventually get used to the tank-like controls of horse movement in V Rising. Be sure to make use of the Gallop you can do while riding a horse using the Space bar by default.

But wait, we still have more to teach you in our V Rising horse guide! Did you know that you still have to take care of your horse? And that you could actually name your horse in the game? Each horse has unique stats and there’s are ways you can view them. Keep reading to find out more!

How to Take Care of Your Horse in V Rising?

You need to craft waterskins to take care of your horse in V Rising. Go to the Tannery in your castle and craft an empty waterskin using Plant Fiber and Leather. Now you’ll have to walk up to a water source and fill the waterskins up to give to your horse.

How to Take Care of Your Horse in V Rising - V Rising Horse Guide - How to Find a Mount

Horses in the game need to stay hydrated especially if you’re planning on taking long trips. You’ll need to first defeat Kelly the Frost Archer to get the Tannery in your castle before you can craft waterskins. Each waterskin can hold up to five which keeps your horse alive for several hours per single use.

How to Name Your Horse in V Rising?

Open the Tab menu and click on the pencil icon on the upper right corner to rename your horse. You can give any name you want to your mount.

If you want to feel a special connection to your horse, then you’d better give it a unique name. This will help you identify your unique horse. Now that you know how to rename it, you have a special horse that you can feel attached to in the game.

How to View Your Horses Stats in V Rising?

Open your Tab menu and check on your horses stats. You need to have at least ridden a horse once to view its stats. Your horse has three stats:

  • Max Speed: your horse’s maximum gallop speed
  • Acceleration: how fast your horse can reach its maximum gallop speed
  • Rotation Speed: how quickly your horse changes direction while riding

If you do not like your horse’s stats, you’re going to have to find another one.

Now that isn’t all there is to owning a horse. Our V Rising horse guide has more to teach you! You may have burning questions about your horse in this game. In that case, keep reading on.

V Rising Horse Guide - How to Find a Mount

There are some questions you might have about your loyal horse companion in V Rising. Below are some important questions you need to know the answer to:

What Happens to Your Horse if You Die in V Rising?

Your horse will not travel back with you to your respawn location. It will be left exactly where it was. Go back to where you left your horse and mount it again.

Does Your Horse Respawn After It Dies in V Rising?

Once your horse dies, it dies for good. You’ll have to look for another horse in Dunley Farmlands as a replacement.

Can Your Horse Fast Travel With You in V Rising?

Yes, your horse can fast travel with you. But you have to make sure you’re not carrying resources. Read our How to Fast Travel in V Rising guide to learn more about this.

Do Your Horse Stats Improve in V Rising?

Your horse’s stats do not improve after time. You’ll have to find another horse if the horse you got wasn’t to your liking.

This is the end of our V Rising Horse Guide. We really hope to see you learned how to find a mount in the game. If this guide really helped you out, we have more to offer if you decide to stick around. We appreciate the company.

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