How to Fast Travel in V Rising – Best Ways to Fast Travel

Vampire don't need to walk like mortal men and can use several locations around the map to fast travel around locations. But how do you fast travel in V Rising?

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Knowing how to fast travel in V Rising is pretty important as this gothic open world can take some time to traverse. There are plenty of ways to getting around fast, but none as quicker than fast travelling. Let us teach you to fast travel in V Rising. We’ll even teach you how to make your own fast travel points around the map.

How to Fast Travel in V Rising?

You need to first uncover Vampire Waygates to fast travel around in V Rising. They are marked in your map by green portal icons which will automatically appear after you’re in certain distance of them.

Vampire Waygates aren’t the only way to fast travel. There are two ways to fast travel in V Rising:

  • Vampire Waygates
  • Cave Passages

You can fast travel in V Rising by using Vampire Waygates that are found around the map. By using Vampire Waygates you can travel to any other Vampire Waygate that you have already discovered. The downside to using Vampire Waygates is that you cannot carry resources in between using them.

Another way to fast travel in V Rising is by using Cave Passages. Cave Passages are one-way and have a fixed location you can fast travel to so they’re more limited in comparison. Cave Passages compensate you for this by allowing you to carry resources.

Vampire Waygates - How to Fast Travel in V Rising
Vampire Waygates

Whether you take Vampire Waygates or Cave Passages is really up to you. There are pros and cons to both fast travel methods. As you progress around the map, you’ll eventually discover Vampire Waygates and Cave Passages organically.

Most regions in V Rising only have 3 or 4 Vampire Waygates. The number gets fewer as you move north. Thankfully, there is a way to add more Vampire Waygates as we’ll talk more about later in this article.

But wait, we’re not done yet! Our V Rising fast travel guide still has more to teach you. Do you want to know the differences between Vampire Waygates and Cave Passages? And did you know that you could build you own Vampire Waygates?

Vampire Waygates or Cave Passages: Which Is Better?

There’s no Fast Travel method that’s really better between Vampire Waygates and Cave Passages. Both of them have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Vampire Waygates

  • Can take you to any other Vampire Waygate location (+)
  • Can be built around the map (+)
  • Doesn’t let you take resources (-)

Cave Passages

  • Let’s you take resources (+)
  • One-way trip (-)
  • Isn’t marked on your map upon discovery (-)

Okay, so Cave Passages technically aren’t one-way in the strictest definition. You do have the option to go back to the entrance of the Cave Passage once you’re on the other side. What makes Cave Passages a one-way teleporter, is that the exit point is always located on top of a cliff that is impossible to reach by any means. Neither your Bat Form or Fog Form vampire powers are going to help you reach it.

Cave Passages - How to Fast Travel in V Rising
Cave Passages

On the surface it does seem like Vampire Waygates are better if not for the fact that you can’t take resources with you. Depending on your playstyle this could be objectively true, however it depends on how you use them.

When building your vampire castle, you can take advantage of Cave Passages in order to secure resources easier. Keep them in mind in the long run.

How to Build Your Own Vampire Waygate in V Rising?

You can build your own personal Vampire Waygate in V Rising using the necessary materials:

  • 10x Gem Dust
  • 20x Plank
  • 20x Copper Ingot
  • 200x Blood Essence

You’ll unlock the ability to build Vampire Waygates after defeating Palora the Feywalker a level 36 boss that you can find in Gleaming Meadows far east of the Farebane woods. Defeat her and you’ll be able to build your own personal Vampire Waygates for fast travel in V Rising.

Your personal Vampire Waygate works the same as the Waygates stationed around the map. The one key difference is that only you can use your Vampire Waygate so you don’t have to worry about other players accessing it which is convenient.

We’re not done yet with our V Rising fast travel guide just yet! You may have some burning questions that we can answer. Continue reading for more information.

Here are all the questions you might have about fast travel in V Rising, answered.

Can My Horse Fast Travel With Me in V Rising?

Yes, your horse can fast travel with you through Vampire Waypoints and Cave Passages.

What Other Ways of Travel Exist in V Rising?

You can transform into a wolf, bat, and other animals in V Rising to get around faster. You can even tame your own horse to get a mount. Read our V Rising Horse Guide to learn how to do this.

Can My Friends Fast Travel Using My Personal Vampire Waygate in V Rising?

Your friend should be able to use your personal Vampire Waygate so long as you co-op. Both of you need to be in the same vampire clan to be able to share Vampire Waygates.

How to Fast Travel in V Rising

That’s our guide for how to fast travel in V Rising. We hope you learned a lot from this article. You’re going to be going to all the different places in the land Vandoran in V Rising so knowing how to fast travel can really help.

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