V Rising Iron: Locations & How to Get

V rising Iron: locations & how to get

V Rising Iron is an essential crafting reagent to get stronger gear. V Rising players who have been crafting with Copper for a while may find that they’d like to try their hand at using Iron instead. As you progress through V Rising, you’ll need a lot of Iron to keep upgrading your equipment and surviving in the more difficult latter parts of the game.

However, the game does not provide much in the way of assistance after you reach the point when you require iron. Thankfully, finding iron is a straightforward task that simply necessitates a certain amount of story progress. Here’s a rundown on the locations & how to get Iron Ore in V Rising.

All V Rising Iron Ore Locations

After Copper, you’ll need Iron to make more durable and advanced gear and weapons. Nonetheless, Iron Ore can be found on the eastern part of the Cursed Forest and the Dunley Farmlands.

Here are the various Iron Ore locations marked across Dunley Farmlands & Cursed Forest:

The Haunted Iron Mine is the perfect location to farm Iron Ore. Hell’s Clarion and Bone can also be found in this area. Two neighboring Waygates allow you to Fast Travel directly to your destination.

You should clear the area of hostile monsters and skeletons before entering the mine. Besides being mineable from the rocks, Iron can also be found in chests scattered throughout the mine.

How to Get Iron in V Rising

Using Merciless Copper weapons, a player can mine Iron Ore from a vein once they’ve discovered it. To extract Iron Ore, simply walk up to a vein and slash at it.

How to Get Iron in V Rising

Having gathered enough Iron Ore, you can return to your castle and smelt it into Iron Ingots using the Furnace. Crafting the furnace requires 480 Stone and 60 Copper Ore.

However, the iron ingot recipe is required before you can do anything else.

How to Get Iron Ingot in V Rising

Defeating Quincey the Bandit King, a Level 37 boss at the Bandit Stronghold in Farbane Woods’ northern area will earn you the Iron Ingot recipe. The Blood Altar can help you find him, as it does with the other Blood Carriers as well.

How to Get Iron Ingot in V Rising

Once you’ve gathered all of the materials required, you may head to your Furnace and begin creating new iron weapons and additions to your castle. To top it all off, you’ll be able to craft Hollowfang Battlegear.

In order to get the best weaponry possible, you may want to kill this boss early on in the game. V Rising isn’t over with this yet, and it’s only a matter of time before more players start using Merciless Iron equipment and utilizing it to mine Silver.

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