V Rising Soul Shards – How To Get & Use Eye of Twilight

One of the end game content for V Rising are Soul Shards. What are they and how can you use them?

In V Rising Soul Shards are powerful items that can really give you a boost when you need them. But you may find some frustration as the game doesn’t really tell you what Soul Shards are and where to look for them. In this V Rising Soul Shards guide, we’ll teach you what they are and how to use them.

How to Get Soul Shards in V Rising?

You can get Soul Shards in V Rising by defeating powerful bosses. The soul shards these bosses are located are randomized each time. You need to use the Eye of Twilight to locate which boss has a Soul Shard.

The number of Soul Shards are limited per server. In PVE, a handful of Soul Shards can coexist at the same time. However in PVP, there’s only one Soul Shard of each type that can exist. This makes it a race for players to get a Soul Shard of their own before others can.

If an enemy player in PVP has a Soul Shard with them, you can battle them for it. Upon defeat, they’ll drop the Soul Shard you can pick up for yourself.

V Rising Soul Shards

There are multiple types of V Rising Soul Shards. We’ll explain more of that so stick around.

All V Rising Soul Shards Buffs

There are three types of Soul Shards in V Rising and can provide the following buffs:

  • Soul Shard of Behemoth: grants a 50+ resistance increase to holy power and garlic, increases movement speed by 5% and resource gathering by 20%
  • Soul Shard of Solarus: grants a 50+ resistance increase to the sun, increases melee attack speed by 5% and physical power by 10+
  • Winged Horror Soul Shard: grants a 50+ resistance increase to fire and silver, increases spell critical hit chance by 5% and adds 10+ to spell power

These soul shards can exist after defeating bosses. They aren’t always in the same boss. These bosses are quite difficult to beat, so you’ll need to have some good gear first before you can take them on. Read our How to Increase Gear Score Fast in V Rising for a guide on how to get to their level quickly.

V Rising Soul Shards

To find who has the Soul Shard you’re looking for, you need to know how to use the Eye of Twilight. More on that below.

How to Use the Eye of Twilight?

The Eye of Twilight is a building structure you can get by creating it with Gold Ingots and Spectral Dusts. You’ll unlock the recipe to make the Eye of Twilight by doing the main story quests.

The materials required to build the Eye of Twilight are:

  • Gold Ingots x4
  • Spectral Dusts x4

The materials you need to craft the Eye of Twilight are quite difficult to get. Gold Ingots alone require you to defeat Azariel the Sunbringer a level 68 Blood boss for the recipe. Read our All V Blood Boss Locations in V Rising for more about him. Even the Spectral Dust recipe requires defeating Foulrot the Soultaker who is level 62. After you’ve gotten those the required materials, you can go to your Furnace to craft the Eye of Twilight.

Once you have the Eye of Twilight, all you have to do is simply interact with it to locate who has the Soul Shard. It will bring up the map and reveal the locations of the Soul Shards. Be wary as Soul Shards may be under the protection of an enemy clan.

Azariel the Sunbringer - V Rising Soul Shards

Until you’re at least Gear Score Level 70, we advise that you grind a bit more in the game before seeking to create the Eye of Twilight. In V Rising Soul Shards are considered by many to be end game material.

How to Use Soul Shards in V Rising?

You have to assign the Soul Shards to your hotbar in V Rising and then press the corresponding key to use them in V Rising. This will cause your character to put it down on the ground and there’ll be a prompt on the screen. Press the prompt and you’ll activate the benefits of that respective Soul Shard.

Soul Shards will last for two hours. So that’s plenty of time to take advantage of the buffs they offer. Be careful though as enemy players will seek to take it from you.

V Rising Soul Shards

That’s our V Rising Soul Shards guide. While we may be finished teaching you everything that we know about the V Rising Soul Shards, we do still have a lot to offer.

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