How to Get V Rising Whetstones

In V Rising, you're going to need Whetstones to craft some powerful material. Here's a guide explaining where you can get Whetstone and how to craft it yourself.

In V Rising Whetstones are needed if you want to craft especially powerful equipment. You need to learn how to get Whetstone in V Rising if you’re planning on tackling tough bosses or high leveled players. To do this, you’ll have to setup first before you can start grinding for this material. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to get Whetstone in V Rising.

How to Get Whetstone in V Rising?

You can get Whetstone in V Rising by raiding Bandit Camps. Bandits can drop Whetstone after being defeated and the chests around their camp also hold Whetstone for the taking. You can also break their structures such as barrels for hidden Whetstones.

This method of gaining Whetstone can be somewhat dependent on chance. Bandits won’t always promise a drop of Whetstone. You might find yourself a bit short of the Whetstone requirements you need to make those powerful equipment. If you’re looking for a big haul of Whetstone, then the Bandit Armory in Farebane Woods has a big haul of Whetstones.

Bandit Armory - How to Get Whetstone in V Rising

Before you get excited and head to the Bandit Armory to give those bandits a what-for you should prepare first. The bandits in the Bandit Armory range from Level 20-30 and can give you a whooping if you’re not prepared. Quincey The Bandit King boss also guards that location and we recommend you raise your Gear Level above Level 37 if you’re planning on taking him on.

Taking on high-level enemies in V Rising just to get Whetstone may not appeal to you. Or perhaps you don’t like being dependent on chance for a drop of this valuable material? What you need is a steady source of income for Whetstones! Don’t leave just yet because we have yet to teach you how to craft Whetstones in V Rising.

How to Craft Whetstones in V Rising?

Here is how to craft Whetstones in V Rising:

  1. Build a Furnace in your castle
  2. Use Blood Altar to Hunt Grayson the Armorer for Whetstone Recipe
  3. Collect Copper Ingots and Stone Dusts
    • Collect Copper Ingots in Farebane Woods
    • Build Grinder for Stone Dusts
  4. Craft Whetstones at the Furnace

Crafting is a great way to reliably make your own source for Whetstones. You need to setup first before you can start. We created additional steps in detail.

Build a Furnace

The Furnace during the tutorial at the beginning of V Rising. You need the Furnace to create Whetstone. You should already have this setup in your castle.

Use Blood Altar to Hunt Grayson the Armorer

You need to defeat Grayson the Armorer to get the recipe to craft Whetstones in V Rising. You can find this Level 27 boss inside the Bandit Armory in Farebane Woods. Use the Blood Altar to keep track of him. Grayson the Armorer an easy boss to defeat as he largely telegraphs his attacks making them easy to avoid After defeating Grayson the Armorer, you’ll get the recipe to make Whetstone.

Collect Copper Ingots and Stone Dusts

You need Copper Ingots and Stone Dusts as ingredients for making Whetstone in V Rising. Copper Ingots can easily be found in Farebane Woods. Look for Copper Deposits/Nodes which you can mine by attacking them if your Gear Level is past Level 10.

The best way to save yourself a trip to Farebane Woods is to setup Vampire Waygates so you can Fast Travel to the area immediately. Read our How to Fast Travel in V Rising – Best Ways to Fast Travel guide for how to do this.

Grinder - How to Get Whetstone in V Rising

Stone Dusts can be crafted by using the Grinder. You need to have 4 Whetstone in preparation to build the Grinder. Go to the Refinement section under the build menu. Setup your Grinder and throw stone materials in it to make Stone Dusts.

Craft Whetstones at the Furnace

After doing all the preparation above, you can now craft Whetstones in V Rising. Go to the Furnace and put in the materials. Here is exactly how much you need:

  • Copper Ingot x1
  • Stone Dusts x12

You can now craft as many Whetstones as you want so long as you have the necessary materials. You now have as much of the precious material you need to craft powerful equipment in V Rising, the Whetstone.

That’s our guide for how to get the Whetstone in V Rising. We hope you learned a lot about Whetstones as you can use them to make some necessary equipment. Speaking of which, we have a V Rising Weapons – All Weapons and How to Use Them guide if you want to take a look at the weapons in the game. Give it a read if you want to find out more about the weapons in V Rising and their techniques.

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If you want a video about how to make Whetstone, then check out this Youtube video from JustALazyGamer giving you a tutorial on how to.