V Rising Weapon Tier List – Best Weapons Ranked

Vampires love to proclaim their chosen weapon as the best. But which weapon truly reigns supreme in V Rising?

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The best V Rising weapons is up to your mileage. Making a V Rising weapon tier list isn’t going to be something everyone agrees with. Don’t take this tier list as scripture as you are playing as a vampire and are better off staying away from anything holy.

V Rising Weapon Tier List

Here are the best weapons in V Rising ranked from best to worst:




Sword, Spears




Slashers, Reapers


Maces, Crossbow

  • S-Tier: Weapons that are the cream of the crop. You can’t find better weapons anywhere if you tried.
  • A-Tier: Weapons that are incredibly powerful but can still be outclassed by other guns due to a minor issue.
  • B-Tier: Weapons that are good but usually have a weakness that needs to be compensated for.
  • C-Tier: Weapons that are great if nothing else can be used.

Weapons in V Rising, along with having their own stats, come with their own techniques that give them an added use. While some weapons do more damage than others, their utility when it comes to techniques can be a setback in comparison.

We considered how useful these weapons are in both PVP and PVE combat before ranking them. They’re all viable weapons but some clearly outshine the others. If you prefer the weapons on the lower end of our V Rising weapon tier list and are very good at using them, that’s great!

We listed every V Rising weapon down in our V Rising Weapons – All Weapons and How to Use Them guide that you should take a look at.

S-Tier V Rising Weapon Tier List

V Rising S-Tier Weapons 


Swords are quick, deliver decent damage, and have techniques that allow you to quickly get close to your enemies. It’s good for crowd control and an overall great pick that can be menacing for any scenario.

  • Normal Attack: does a three-hit combo of 35%/35%/40% physical damage
  • Technique 1: Whirlwind
    • Does a circular motion with the sword dealing physical 35% AoE damage for 1.1 seconds
  • Technique 2: Shockwave
    • Throws a projectile which deals 70% physical damage after a short animation
    • Enemies hit will be launched into the air (doesn’t work against bosses)
    • Use twice to teleport to the enemy hit by the projectile and do a three-hit combo of 25% physical damage each


Spears in V Rising are good for dealing melee damage at a distance. You can safety poke your enemies using your techniques and even bring them close to you. Chaining attacks with spears is very satisfying.

  • Normal Attack: does a three-hit combo of 40%/40%/50% physical damage
  • Technique 1: A Thousand Spears
    • Thrusts the spear 8 times in front of you dealing 30% physical damage upon each hit
    • Use again to end the thrusts early and do a 50% physical damage that knocks enemies back
  • Technique 2: Harpoon
    • Throws the spear in front of you dealing 70% physical damage to anyone you hit and pulls them close
A-Tier V Rising Weapon Tier List

V Rising A-Tier Weapons 


Axes are slow but they more than make up for that by being heavy hitters. What really sells them however are the buffs and debuffs they give in their techniques. Even if enemies have an easier time dodging your attacks, you can stun them and increase you attack speed.

  • Normal Attack: does a three-hit combo of 45%/45%/50% physical damage
  • Technique 1: Frenzy
    • Will dash forward and hit a single enemy dealing 100% physical damage
    • Attack speed will increase by 30% for 0.8 seconds after hit
  • Technique 2: X-Strike
    • Launches 2 axes in opposing arcs, dealing 85% physical damage per axe
    • Enemies hit in the area where the axes meet will be incapacitated for 2 seconds
    • Axes will return after intersecting giving another 85% physical damage per hit
B-tier V Rising Weapon Tier List

V Rising B-Tier Weapons 


Slashers are the fastest weapons in the game. Like featherweight boxers you can easily move in, deal damage, and move out. While slashers have the weakest attacks, they have a technique that boosts their attacks while invisible. A viable weapon for sure, but some Vampire Abilities can already do this for other weapons.

  • Normal Attack: does a three-hit combo of 27.5%/27.5%/35% physical damage
  • Technique 1: Elusive Strike
    • Does a dash forward then returns quickly to the same position dealing 60% physical damage to enemies
    • Ensnares for 2 seconds
  • Technique 2: Camouflage
    • Turns invisible
    • Increases movement speed for 3 seconds
    • Normal attacks do 80% more damage when in Camouflage
    • Camouflage ends if any attack is used


Reapers are really good for AoE crowd control and damage. However despite their excellent performance in PVE, they can be lackluster in PVP. Which may deter competitive players.

  • Normal Attack: does a three-hit combo of 50%/50%/55% physical damage
  • Technique 1: Tendon Swing
    • Swings around dealing 125% physical AoE damage
    • Pushes enemies back and snares them
  • Technique 2: Howling Reaper
    • Launches a spinning projectile in a single direction dealing 25% physical AoE damage every 0.25 seconds for 2 seconds to those caught inside
    • Slows enemies caught when projectile is being launched
C-tier V Rising Weapon Tier List

V Rising C-Tier Weapons 


Maces are the hardest hitting weapons in the game but they are also the slowest. They can be challenging to use in PVP since enemies are more likely to get out of the way of your attacks.

  • Normal Attack: does a three-hit combo of 50%/50%/60% physical damage
  • Technique 1: Crushing Blow
    • Jumps then slams down dealing 110% physical damage in a small location
    • Enemies snared for 2 seconds
  • Technique 2: Smack
    • Swing in a cone shape area dealing 50% physical AoE damage
    • Enemies knocked back and incapacitated for 1.2 seconds


Crossbows deal good damage on hit but they have a slow fire rate and are more of a hindrance in PVP combat. They’re viable for crowd control and keeping distance in PVE but if you’re facing off against other players who can quickly close in on the distance and dodge your attacks, you’re pretty much done for.

  • Normal Attack: ranged attack that fires a bolt dealing 125% physical damage upon hit
  • Technique 1: Rain of Bolts
    • 5 bolts are fired to target location of your choice, each dealing 50% physical damage
    • Ensnares upon hit for 1.5 seconds
  • Technique 2: Snapshot
    • Fires a bolt dealing 75% physical damage
    • Interrupts casts
    • Ensnares upon hit for 2 seconds
V Rising Weapon Tier List

That’s our V Rising weapons tier list. You may not agree with out list up above and you certainly have your own reasons for doing so. Perhaps you’re a sneaky rogue who love to go invisible and backstab enemies. Then you’re definitely going to gravitate towards your own style of weapons which is encouraged in V Rising.

Don’t go just yet because we have more articles that you may be interested in. Besides having weapons, you also need to pair them up with the right skills. Read our V Rising Skills – All Ability Types Explained for every ability you can cast in the game. Both weapon techniques and vampire abilities can be complimentary to each other.

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