Weird West – How to Skin Animals

Here's a quick guide on how to skin animals in Weird West.

Weird West - How to Skin Animals

You can skin animals in Weird West but it can be confusing as to how to do it. If you want to upgrade or craft vests without having to pay for the materials, you need to learn how to skin animals.

This guide will teach you how to skin animals and where to find the specific animals you’re looking for in Weird West.

How to Skin Animals in Weird West

You need to buy the “Skinning Toolbag” from The Dagger & Bones Trading Company shop in Grackle to skin animals. This utility item will cost you $50 to purchase. After you’ve purchased it, simply walk up to a dead animal, and the prompt to skin an animal will appear over the dead carcass.

Skinning Animals - Weird West - How to Skin Animals

It should be noted that you cannot skin every animal in Weird West. Here is a list of animals that you can skin:

  • Deer
  • Bears
  • Snakes
  • Bison

You can use the skins of these animals to craft a vest for you to wear for added protection. Alternatively, you can buy animal skins from Christopher Bennett inside The Dagger & Bones Trading Company in Grackle.

Specific Animal Locations in Weird West

There are specific animals in Weird West that you can only find at a particular location. Here is where you can find them:

Deer can be found outskirts of towns or in your camp near green grass. Make a camp in forest areas on the map to find them. You can also find them inside specific locations like Greenwood Run. Deer are non-hostile creatures but will flee if you get too close.

Bears can be often encountered through ambushes when traveling around the map. They are hostile animals that will attack on sight and are quite challenging to take down.

Snakes can often be found slithering in deserts. Make a camp in desert areas on the map to find them. Snakes are hostile animals and will poison you with a bite.

Bison can be found in groups near rivers. Make a camp near the rivers on the map to find Bison. Bison are hostile animals and will charge at you causing stuns.

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