Weird West – All Nimp Relic Locations

Learn what Nimp Relics are and where to find them in Weird West.

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Nimp Relics from Weird West allows you to unlock new class and weapon abilities that you can use in combat. You’ll find these consumables throughout your journey. A lot of Nimp Relics are pretty well hidden and you might not notice them the first time around.

We’ve created this list that shows you where to find Nimp Relic locations in Weird West.

What are Nimp Relics in Weird West?

Nimp Relics are consumables you can use to invest in individual character abilities. They give you abilities that you can use in combat. Some of these abilities differ for each playable character.

Nimp Relics are unique investments per journey unlike Golden Ace of Spades which are permanent perks. They can be invested into abilities that cost action points to use.

*This guide is a work in progress. We will continuously update it as we gather more information on Nimp Relic locations in Weird West.

Where to Find All Nimp Relic Locations in Weird West

Here are all the Nimp Relics you can find in Weird West arranged from each location you can visit. Check out the details below on where to find them:

Stillwater Camp

  • On Top of the Cart: early on into the level after going through a bunch of Stillwater Rangers, you’ll eventually reach a curve in the canyon where a tutorial will pop up teaching you to use the environment in order to ignite the flammable petroleum on the ground. After taking out the two Stillwater Rangers with their backs turned to you, you can find the Nimp Relic glowing purple on the cart. (Missable)
Greenwood Run

Greenwood Run

  • West of Camp, On The Wagon: there is a Nimp Relic on an abandoned wagon you can pick up.
  • Inside the chest next to the key: can be found underground of Greenwood Run beyond the reinforced door. You’ll have to fight a greater foe, Kevin Melendez, and his cronies first to reach it. The Nimp Relic can be found by climbing the scaffold in the boss room and looting the chest right of the table where you can find the prison key.
  • Inside the safe: after freeing the prisoner from the cage who you can become Friends For Life with, he’ll give you the combination to the safe. A Nimp Relic is inside which you can pick up.
Cedar Flats

Cedar Flats

  • Under the Bridge: head under the bridge and get the Nimp Relic.
Cold Springs

Cold Springs

  • Inside a House Next to Barn: can be found on the ground inside the house next to the barn. The house you’re looking for is across a rundown building with a bell.
Sun Opener Temple

Sun Opener Temple

  • Inside Ornamented Chest: a chest inside the temple has a Nimp Relic. You can access this temple by looting a key from one of Outlaws you kill on the surface of the temple.
Galen's Crossing

Galen’s Crossing

  • Inside The Mayor’s Room: a Nimp Relic can be found inside the Ornamented Chest in the floor above the main house. You’re going to need to loot the Ornate key from mayor Galen Weeks or jump from the building behind to the balcony to get in. There’s also a Golden Ace of Spades under the mirror in the same room.
Copper Mountain Quarry

Copper Mountain Quarry

  • On Top of the Cart: there is a Nimp Relic hidden on top of the cart just before you enter the mine. You’ll have to climb the stairs and head to the edge of the level.
  • Inside the Quarry on a Bed: this one is harder to spot but isn’t too far away from the entrance. The Nimp Relic can be found on a bed where the rail tracks break and where you first encounter Sirens in the level.
Joe's Hideaway

Joe’s Hideaway

  • Inside Trunk In Hut: there’s a Nimp Relic inside an unremarkable trunk in the broken Pigman hut.
Elephant's Spine

Elephant’s Spine

  • Loot from Acolyte Corpse: you can find a Nimp Relic along with a story item on the corpse of an acolyte.


  • On the Table: in the room with a library and a big machine, there is a Nimp Relic on the table. Its purple glow is well hidden by the candle.
  • Use Astral Gate: in the room with a big chemical machine and books, there is a mirror called “Astral Gate Dread Slough.” Take it and you will be transported to Dread Slough and you can find a Nimp Relic on the table. There is no other way to access that location from outside of Dread Slough as the lever to open it is inside the locked room with an unbreakable door.
The Fighting Pit

The Fighting Pit

  • On Box Next to Bench: in front of a giant rock with a hole in it, you can steal a Nimp Relic. Careful as people won’t think fondly if they catch you.
  • Loot from Dead Wraith: a Wraith you kill near the tap root has a Nimp Relic.
Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon

  • Inside Silver Chest: inside the cave there is a Silver Chest with a Nimp Relic inside. Joe will send you here in an optional side-quest to fight a Wraith during the Pigman Journey.
Quigley's Lantern Room

Quigley’s Lantern Room

  • South of First Floor, Near Entrance: there is a Nimp Relic you can pick up behind the couch. Be careful of the guards as you’re not welcome here.
Horsetail Grotto

Horsetail Grotto

  • On Bloody Cart, Near Cave Entrance: a Nimp Relic can be found glowing on top of the cart.
  • Inside The Cave, Guarded by Two Cave Terror Conquerors: there is a large room deep inside the cave where you can loot a Nimp Relic from a Canopic Jar. The area has two incredibly powerful Cave Terror Conquerors.
  • Inside Silver Chest: a Nimp Relic can be found inside a silver chest in front of a giant grotesque statue.
  • On Table, Behind Giant Grotesque Statue: a Nimp Relic can be picked up from a table behind the giant statue with a silver chest in front.
Hunting Territory

Hunting Territory

  • On Top of Box, Inside Cave: a Nimp Relic can be picked up from where Bill Close is fought the first time you play as the Protector.
Bitter Rock

Bitter Rock

  • Behind the Cabinets: in the basement level of the area, there is a Nimp Relic hidden behind the cabinets near the bed. You’ll have to jump over the cabinets and drop below to get the Nimp Relic. You’ll have to be facing a certain angle o be able to grab it.
Boulder Creek

Boulder Creek

  • Middle of Town Above Large Tower: there is a structure in the middle of town with a Nimp Relic above. Getting on top can be tricky. You need to platform using the water barrels to climb on top of the church rooftop then jump to the lamp post. From the lamp post, jump to the tower and you should be able to climb above it.
  • Inside Church: on the bed inside the dormitory of the church, there is a Nimp Relic you can take.
Boulder Creek Mine

Boulder Creek Mine

  • In Front of the Cart: walk straight from the entrance until you reach a hill that leads you to the entrance of the mines. The Nimp Relic is in front of the red cart by the bars.
Olvidado Pueblo

Olvidado Pueblo

  • On Piano: on the first floor of the mansion, a Nimp Relic can be found on a piano surrounded by dead bodies.
  • Inside Vandalized Room: on the second floor of the mansion there is a vandalized room with marking on the wall. A Nimp Relic can be found on the table next to a Silver Chest.
  • Inside Silver Chest: a Nimp Relic can be found in the Silver Chest inside the vandalized room on the second floor next to the Nimp Relic above. This Silver Chest also contains a Gold Black Mountain Widowmaker shotgun.
  • Inside Display Case: on the first floor a Nimp Relic can be found inside a display case in a room towards the south of the mansion right before you reach the mine entrance.

Random Encounters and Secret Stashes

All Nimp Relics that can be found in random encounters and Secret Stashes:

  • Buy It From Brenda Lopez: Lopez will sell you a Nimp Relic for $250. You can find her in a random encounter called Wanderer’s Caravan. The price scales depending on your Haggler Perk. Brenda will sell you a Nimp Relic on each encounter.
  • Dig It Up From Out of the Mines: you can pick up a treasure map from one of Jing Wei Tang’s men in a random encounter that will lead you to a Secret Stash in the borders of the map. You can dig up a Nimp Relic near the big white X on a big rock. Be careful as there are high-level Mine Diggers with a lot of dynamites.
  • Dig It Up From Terror On The Slops: you can pick up a treasure map from one of Matilda Deal’s cult fanatics which will lead you to a Secret Stash near Desolation Pass. You can dig up the Nimp Relic from the big white X on a big rock. There is high-level Cave Terror Conqueror guarding the area so be careful.

Are Nimp Relics Missable in Weird West?

Yes, there are some Nimp Relics that are missable. Temporary locations such as Stillwater Camp will no longer be available after you’ve first visited it.

All Abilities To Use Nimp Relics On In Weird West

There are two types of abilities in Weird West—character abilities that are unique per character and weapon abilities which they all share. Down below are all the abilities you can invest in on Weird West:

All Character Abilities

Character abilities are unique per character.

Bounty Hunter



Nimp Relic Costs

Roundhouse Kick

For 20 seconds, your kick deals more damage and objects are thrown further

x1 Nimp Relic

Shrapnel Mine

Set a trap that explodes when enemies approach it.

x1 Nimp Relic


For 8 seconds, enemies around you become your allies.

x2 Nimp Relics

Quick Thinker

For 6 seconds, time slows down buy you move more quickly.

x2 Nimp Relics




Nimp Relic Costs

Putrid Cloud

Emit a cloud of poison from your location for 3 seconds.

x2 Nimp Relics

Rubber Skin

For the next 10 seconds, all bullets ricochet off your skin to hit nearby enemies

x2 Nimp Relics

Unstoppable Charge

Charge forward, breaking objects and hurling aside anyone in your path, dealing 80 damage and leaving them stunned.

x1 Nimp Relic


Hit the ground and deal 70 damage around you, stunning enemies.

x1 Nimp Relic




Nimp Relic Costs

Cousin Bear

Summon a bear to fight by your side for 15 seconds.

x1 Nimp Relic

Western Wind

Create a tornado that hurls enemies and objects from its path. The tornado can take on the elemental properties of obstacles it encounters.

x2 Nimp Relics


Move quietly (even when running) and 25% faster (even when crouched) for 10 seconds. Rolls also recharge faster.

x1 Nimp Relic

All Weapon Abilities

Weapon abilities can be invested on no matter the character. Here are all the weapon abilities you can invest in:

Pistol Abilities

  • Lightning Rounds: for 8 seconds, all pistol bullets are electrified, and targets take electric damage. (costs 2 Nimp Relics)
  • High Noon: on your next trigger pull, automatically fire a single shot at every target within sigh, Each shot uses a bullet from your magazine, up to a maximum of 6 shots. (costs 2 Nimp Relics)
  • Fan The Hammer: your next shot fires all remaining bullets in your magazine, combining all of their damage into a single, deadly blow. (costs 1 Nimp Relic)

Shotgun Abilities

  • Rapid Reload: fire shells without having to reload for 5 seconds. (costs 1 Nimp Relic)
  • Explosive Shells: your next shot fires an explosive round that detonates on impact. Uses 2 shells. (costs 2 Nimp Relics)
  • Both Barrels: your next shot does critical damage and has a 100% chance to make enemies bleed. Uses 2 shells. (costs 2 Nimp Relics)

Rifle Abilities

  • Bullet Hail: firing speed is increased by 20% for 10 seconds. During that period, each successful hit increases firing speed by an additional 10%. (costs 2 Nimp Relics)
  • Right Between The Eyes: your next shot is a guaranteed critical hit that ignores the character’s armor protection. (costs 2 Nimp Relics)
  • Sentry Silencer: your next shot is silent and also increases damage to unaware targets by 200%. (costs 1 Nimp Relic)

Bow Abilities

  • Swift Shots: arrow fire rate is increased for 10 seconds. (costs 2 Nimp Relics)
  • Heartfinder Arrow: your next arrow ignores your target’s armor protection. Targets struck also bleed for 10 seconds. (cost 1 Nimp Relic)
  • Splash Arrows: for the next 10 seconds, all arrows shot deal damage in an area around the target. Any effect currently applied to your arrows (Fire, Poison, Stun, or Armor piercing) is also dealt to any target in the area of effect. (costs 2 Nimp Relics)
  • Ambush Arrow: your next arrow stuns its target for 5 seconds. (costs 2 Nimp Relics)

Melee Abilities

  • Bloodthirsty: for 10 seconds, attacks do an additional 50% damage. Damage bonus increases to 100% if the target is currently bleeding. (costs 2 Nimp Relics)
  • Spinning Strike: on your next attack, strike all targets within melee range in a single spinning slash, damaging them and leaving them stunned for 3 seconds. (costs 2 Nimp Relics)
  • Adrenaline: melee attack speed is increased by 50% for 10 seconds. (costs 2 Nimp Relics)
  • Charge: on your next attack, rush quickly into melee range and deal high damage to your target. (costs 1 Nimp Relic)

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