Weird West – How to Kill Mayor Galen Weeks

Here's a complete guide on how to kill Mayor Galen Weeks early in Weird West.

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Killing Mayor Galen Weeks is one of the most satisfying things you can do in Weird West. It’s true that the game has no shortage of morally unscrupulous characters, yourself included, but Mayor Weeks comes off as one of the most repugnant you’ll meet. This hedonistic fat fuck is an amoral politician who shows no hesitation in stealing people’s property and partaking in rape.

The problem with killing Mayor Galen Week is that he’s surrounded by high-level gunslingers who will make short work of you and your posse. If you’re like me and want this piece of garbage to be worm food, then I can show you a way to kill him without having to grind or be high-level.

You can kill Mayor Galen Weeks early by stealthily shooting him. You’re going to need to prepare a few things before making the attempt. Thankfully you can always head back to Grackle and come back.

Here is what you’re going to need to successfully kill Mayor Weeks early in Weird West:

  • Get a Decent Rifle: I recommend buying the Silver Gowser Service Rifle from the Gun Shop in Grackle.
  • Invest in the Sentry Silencer Ability: this will cost you 1 Nimp Relic but will allow you to kill without giving away your position.
  • Invest in Ambusher Perk: you need at least one Golden Ace of Spades to get this perk. It will maximize the damage from enemies unaware.

Once you have the above-mentioned, follow the steps below.

How to Kill Mayor Galen Weeks in Weird West

Hide In The Kitchen - Weird West - Killing Mayor Galen Weeks Early Guide

Hide In The Kitchen

The kitchen is the best place to take the shot. It’s got a view of the entire living room and doesn’t have any guards most of the time. Crouch, activate Sentry Silencer, and aim for Mayor Weeks as he patrols by.

Take The Shot and Loot Weeks' Body - Weird West - Killing Mayor Galen Weeks Early Guide

Take The Shot and Loot Weeks’ Body

Pull the trigger and put an end to this cancer on Earth. Mayor Weeks is extremely weak and can be killed easily in one hit. If you did it right, people will be shocked that he’s dead but otherwise will not blame you for it. Hide for a bit then exit to loot Galen Weeks’ corpse. Take the Ornamented Key.

Enter Weeks' Room Through Balcony - Weird West - Killing Mayor Galen Weeks Early Guide

Enter Weeks’ Room Through Balcony

The second-floor stairs have guards that are impossible to sneak by. You can bypass this by platforming from the back of the house using the boxes to get on top of the building. From there jump to the balcony and you can enter Weeks’ room.

Loot Everything and Take Prison Key - Weird West - Killing Mayor Galen Weeks Early Guide

Loot Everything and Take Prison Key

You can loot a lot of valuables from Weeks’ room which includes a Nimp Relic and a Golden Ace of Spades. Pick up the Prison Key and exit the room the same way you cam in—through the balcony.

Free the Prisoner - Weird West - Killing Mayor Galen Weeks Early Guide

Free the Prisoner

Go to the next building and open the window nearest to the storage room. You can aim to see if there’s anyone inside and jump in to sneak into that room. There’s a trap door underneath that is keeping Marion Keen, a rape victim of Weeks. The maid won’t react to you being there.

Once you’re done, you can exit and keep on going with your Bounty Hunter’s journey. You’ve effectively bypassed having to do Weeks’ dirty work for him.

What Happens If You Kill Mayor Galen Weeks?

Galen’s Crossing will become hostile when you return back as Across Rivers later in the game. The front gate is locked and will require three lockpicks to break in. You can talk to Justin Ward at the front of the gate and he’ll give you a side-quest to get the land titles back which is held in Weeks’ office.

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