Weird West – How to Capture Bounty Targets Alive

Here's a complete guide on how to capture bounty hunt targets alive in Weird West.

Weird West - How to Capture Bounty Targets Alive

Capturing bounty targets alive in Weird West is an option if you want to earn more cash in Bounty Hunting. However, the game doesn’t explicitly tell you how to do this. It is possible, but it’s more difficult and requires a bit more finesse.

Here is a guide on how to capture your bounty hunting targets alive in Weird West.

How to Capture Bounty Targets Alive in Weird West

You can capture bounty targets by knocking them out first before handcuffing them. Once you’ve knocked them out, you’ll get the option to handcuff them and then deliver them to the Sheriff for your reward.

You’ll have to first sneak around and get behind them before you can knock your target out cold. If you’re spotted, this option will no longer be available and you’ll have to kill them. So you’ll have to be very delicate.

Weird West - How to Capture Bounty Targets Alive

Capturing bounty targets alive nets you more money from the sheriff as a reward. Killing is easier but you get more rewards from taking them in alive.

How to Knock Out Enemies - Weird West - How to Capture Bounty Targets Alive

How to Knock Out Enemies in Weird West

You can knock out enemies by getting behind them while they’re unaware. A prompt will appear which will let you knock them out. Holding this prompt will let you carry their bodies to you can hide them after they’ve been knocked out. You can kill knocked-out enemies with a melee attack without them waking up from it.

Will Captured Bounty Targets Try to Escape in Weird West?

Captured Bounty Targets do not seem to try to make any attempts to escape. Once you’ve handcuffed them, you’ve effectively rendered them docile.

Can You Capture Every Bounty Targets in Weird West?

You cannot capture every bounty target alive in Weird West. There are targets such as Shelby Cross which you’re forced to kill. Although most bounty hunting targets can be captured alive.

Tips on Capturing Bounty Targets Alive in Weird West

There are a few things you can do to maximize the chances of capturing your bounty targets alive. Here are some tips on capturing bounty targets alive:

Invest in Quick Stealth Perk

You’re going to be crouching a lot if you want to knock out bounty targets for capture. The quick stealth perk allows you to move fast and avoid detection.

  • 1st Level of Quick Stealth: 10% speed increase while crouched.
  • 2nd Level of Quick Stealth: 20% speed increase while crouched.
  • Final Level of Quick Stealth: 40% speed increase while crouched.

Get the Surefooted Ability as Across Rivers

When playing as Across Rivers the Protector, his Surefooted ability allows him to remain undetected while running around since he doesn’t make any noise. This makes it a great ability for stealth and capture.

Take Out Enemies Silently

There are multiple ways to take out enemies silently without alarming them:

  1. Invest in Ambusher Perk: this will increase your damage to unaware enemies.
  2. Use Bow or Rifle with Sentry Silencer Ability:
    • Bows are silent and do not make any noise. You can charge them to increase their damage as you take out enemies from afar without any noise.
    • Rifles are incredibly deadly with the Sentry Silencer ability. Your next shot becomes completely muffled while the damage to unaware targets is increased by 200%. Combined this with the Ambusher perk and you can take out anyone unaware in one hit with a guarantee.
  3. Knock out Enemies: enemies can also be knocked out and dragged to safe locations so their bodies don’t get found.

Loiter Till Night

Nighttime is the best time to capture targets as most of them are sleeping during this time. You can wait around using the pause menu for dark and sneak in while they’re all asleep.

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