A Plague Tale Requiem Walkthrough Chapter 5: In Our Wake

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In Our Wake is the fifth chapter in A Plague Tale: Requiem that follows the story of Amicia and Hugo, along with their mother Beatrice, and their friend Lucas, as they go down the river to reach Marseilles. Their journey won’t be an easy one as they will have to deal with a lot of hindrances along the way.

In this guide, we will go through the walkthrough of chapter 5: In Our Wake, of A Plague Tale Requiem, showing some tips, tricks, or solutions on how to complete the chapter.

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A Plague Tale: In Our Wake follows the family riding down the boat to Marseille. As their boat goes through the river, it gets stuck on the bank and they need to find a way to get it floating again.

Chapter 5 Objectives:

  • On the River
    • Free the Boat
    • Find a Way to Reach the Boat
    • Cross the Construction Site
  • Reaction Ferry
    • Clear a Path for the Boat
  • Bridge Under Construction
    • Find a Way to Reach the Boat
    • Help Lucas
  • Ambush
    • Get Rid of the Bandits
    • Clear a Path for the Boat
    • Get Rid of the Bandits
  • Grapples
    • Get Rid of the Bandits
    • Free the Boat
    • Run from Arnaud
    • Reach the Boat before Arnaud

Free the boat

To free the boat, simply hop off the side and push the boat back to the river with Lucas. Doing this, the boat will break free, but it will go too far downstream for Amicia and Lucas to chase.

Find a way to reach the boat

Follow the path up into the cliffs and into the tree line. Take the path on the right to get the chest, then approach the red rope hung on the tree to get The stag’s roar souvenir. Continue onwards and down the cliff, then squeeze through the gap in the rocks.

You’ll arrive in an abandoned quarry where he rats start to burst out from the ground. Before doing anything, turn around and check the chest behind you. Then have Lucas operate the crank to move the hay bale before shooting it with ignifer. Use an ignifer pot to scare the rats away from the next stairs before heading for it. Check the chests on the next platform for more materials.

Afterwards, use the second crane to let Lucas go to the next platform. Have Lucas operate the crane again and once it’s close, shoot the hay bale and follow it as it moves. You’ll get stuck in the middle, but Lucas will throw Pyrite at you through a QTE that you can choose to cross the swarm of rats.

Once you’re on the next platform, check the chest then turn the crane all the way around. Light it right away then follow the hay bale until you get to the next platform, then check the chest. Grab a stick and throw it at Lucas to help him cross. Shoot the chain holding the fence on Lucas’ side. Then, light the hay bale, loot the chest to the left, then head to safety to the right.

Check the workbench first, then look up so see a ladder. Shoot the chain that holds it and then climb up. You’ll arrive at the spot where you’ll unlock the Huuuugoooo! souvenir. Light another stick and cross to the next braziers.

Cross the construction site

You’ll arrive at the riverbank where Joseph needs help moving the chains out of the way. Use the crank to move the chain, but it will get stuck. Turn around to the left to see a gap in the wall. Crawl under it and have Lucas pull the cart to reveal a hole in the floor.

Jump in the hole and wade your way to the chain gear where a corpse has been wedged in. Remove the corpse and wait for the ferry to arrive, then ride on it to reach the other side of the bank.

Once you’re on the next shed, check the chest and then look up at the weight to see the weight’s chain. Shoot the chain to make the weight fall.

Go around the shed and through the gap to find a ladder. Climb it to find a locked workbench that you can open with a knife.

Head to the path to the left and check the chest along the way. Head towards the left side and look through the wooden beams to see a chain holding a bridge. Shoot it, then move the cart nearby towards the narrow wall. Climb the wall and follow the path across the bridge and up the cliffs to find the Anemone herbarium collectible.

Head back down, then move the cart to the wider wall at the back and climb it. You’ll see another crane that you can move. Turn the crank to move the platform to the other side. Head back down and look for another chain in the wall to reveal another way back to the other side. Push the cart to the platform, then use the crank again. Use the cart again to be able to climb the next wall.

Help Lucas

You’ll find Lucas being chased by guards. Quickly get into the boat and use the crossbow to shoot the two guards. You can then use ignifer on the bolts and shoot them at wooden crates to help Lucas get through the rats.

Get rid of the bandits

The boat will then proceed to continue its course down the river, but there will be more guards shooting your way. Use the boat’s crossbow to shoot them down, and use the firebolts to shoot the tar pots.

A cutscene will play where Joseph gets killed by an arrow and the boat will get boarded. You’ll then be able to use the crossbow as your new weapon.

Free the boat

Enemies will then approach your location. Use your crossbow to eliminate them, then get more arrows by the log. Make sure to get to cover once the archers show up on the cliffs.

Once all the enemies are killed, head to the path going to the left and a cutscene will play where Amicia tries to cut the rope to free the boat. Arnaud will show up and a chase will ensue.

Run from Arnaud

You’ll then be chased by Arnaud through the trees. Pay attention to the QTEs to avoid getting caught. You’ll then arrive down a cave where more guards will be pursuing you. You can sneak through the guards, but only up until the crows alert them. The chase continues, only this time there will be more guards and archers trying to kill you.

The chase ends when Amicia confronts Arnaud, but she will get knocked down. Hugo will come to help and send out rats to chase away the guards.

The chapters ends showing the siblings deciding not to join their mother and Lucas in the boat as it sails away.

Chapter 5 – In Our Wake Trophies in A Plague Tale Requiem

Here are the trophies that can be obtained in Chapter 5:

  • In Our Wake – complete Chapter 5.

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