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Leaving All Behind is the sixth chapter in A Plague Tale: Requiem that follows the journey of the de Rune siblings as they decide to embark on their own adventure in search of the mysterious island that Hugo sees in his dreams. Despite the hard decision of abandoning their mother and friend, Amicia believes that Hugo’s happiness keeps the Macula away and that they’ll find the cure somewhere on the island.

In this guide, we will go through the walkthrough of chapter 6: Leaving All Behind, of A Plague Tale Requiem, showing some tips, tricks, or solutions on how to complete the chapter.

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A Plague Tale Requiem Chapter 6: Leaving All Behind, starts with Amicia and Hugo wandering around, trying to find a way to get to the island while avoiding any encounters with the soldiers that are looking for them.

Chapter 6 Objectives:

  • Towards the Sea
    • Find a Way Towards the Coast
  • A Pilgrim Road
    • Ask for a Way to the Coast
    • Escape from the Soldiers
  • Connection
    • Find a Way Out
  • The Ochres
    • Reach the Building
  • Call of the Rats
    • Find a Way out of the Building
    • Deal with the Soldiers
    • Find a Way out of the Building
  • Hunting Lesson
    • Exit the Dye Works
    • Deal with the Beast
  • The Assault
    • Deal with the Soldiers
    • Escape from the Rats

Find a way towards the coast

The siblings find themselves in an open field where they can rest for a bit. However, because of the soldiers that are hunting them, they would have no time to do so.

As scene goes, you’ll spot something under the tree in the field. It’s a bunch of bird feathers that unlock the Jay souvenir.

Ask for the way to the coast

You’ll then stumble upon a pilgrimage full of people camping in the forest. The lady that will speak to you will tell you that their leader Perreux might know something about the mysterious island.

As you explore the campsite, look for people on a campfire by the left side and a man leaning on a tree. Turn left at this point and you’ll arrive at a swing where Amicia and Hugo will spend some play time together which will unlock the Imagine you’re flying souvenir.

Go through the stalls and tents until you arrive at the place where Perreux is celebrating a mass. After the mass ends, you can then approach him to learn more about the island.

Escape from the soldiers

Soldiers will then arrive at the camp to look for the siblings. Perreux will help you get away from them, but it won’t be long until a guard spots you. You then fall into a ditch and find yourself near the entrance to a mine.

Find a way out

To the right of the entrance is a workbench for your upgrades. Inside the mine, turn right to find a wall with a gap. let Hugo crawl under and unlock the door. You’ll find a huge chest full of materials. Head back to the main entrance and on to the left path. Turn left and you’ll see another chest. Continue following the path to the left and a cutscene will play showing that Hugo can now use his Echo skill.

With the help of the rats, echo allows you to see any nearby enemies when triggered, and will continue to track their location for a second after using it. You will have to stay on the spot to be able to use the skill, so make sure to do it in a safe location.

Use the skill to sneak past the guards while heading to the door on the opposite side. You can take the right side since there will only be one guard patrolling that area.

In the second section, you can eliminate the guard on the left with a sling to get the chest on that side. On the right side, the guard has a helmet, so you can use a bolt to kill him easily and grab the chest on that side. There will be an archer and another armored guard on the far end, so time your sneak in between them, or you can eliminate them as well.

Reach the building

You’ll find yourself out in the open area again. Immediately take cover in the tall grass and pay attention to the guard in front. As it passes to the left, head straight to the ledge across and climb up on it, then grab the cent on top.

Go to the right this time and time your crossing once the next guard has faced the other way. Head to the opposite side again and up to the path to the left. Don’t forget to grab the bolt on the tree along the way.

At this point, pay attention to the guard below and the archer on the opposite cliff. Jump down the ledge to the tall grass once they’re not looking, or before jumping try to get closer for your sling’s range to hit the archer and make sneaking easier. You can then circle around while hugging the wall to the right to get to the next patch of grass past the saltpeter bag.

Another guard will be patrolling nearby in between you and another ledge behind you. Wait for him to pass then climb up the ledge where you’ll find a huge chest. Turn around and cross the wooden bridge to reach where the previous archer’s position was; eliminate the archer at this point if you haven’t yet. Take the path down where you’ll see another chest.

Continue moving down into another patch of grass. To the right is a tool chest that hides another huge chest behind. After getting the chest, try to distract the guard with the tool chest to desync its patrol timing with the other guard ahead and get a wider window to sneak through. Make your way up the ramp and to the building, then take the door to the right.

Find a way out of the building

At this point, Hugo will learn another skill where he can control a horde of rats under his will. While in echo mode, you can select a fairly sized horde to control and move around to eliminate enemies.

Guards will then get in the building, so use the horde of rats to take them out. Once it’s clear, head back out into the corridor where you came from and crawl under the shelves to find a secret room with a locked workbench.

Back in the main room, light the brazier then use an ignifer pot to scare the rats off the stairs. For the torch on the left, use tar to light it up intensely, and quickly get the pieces from the corpse nearby, then head back to the safety of the brazier. For the torch on the right, use tar again to make a safe passage towards the next stairs.

At the end of the building, enter the door to the right to find another workbench. Climb the stairs where you will find the Which colour do you want? souvenir.

Exit the dye works

Back outside, you’ll arrive at the dye works. There are some horde of rats in some of the pools on the ground that Hugo can use to eliminate the soldiers that are not carrying any torches. You can continue eliminating everyone with the help of extinguish if you wish.

Once the number of soldiers has been reduced, start sneaking towards the house on the left where you can get some more materials. Go outside the house and jump into the tall grass. Ahead is another house with a guard below and an archer on top. The archer can be eliminated with a slingshot, which will then alert the other guard to check him. You can wait and do another headshot or storm the house.

Once done, sneak towards the house on the right. Go behind the house and look through the window where you can shoot the chain that is locking the door to the cell. Before heading in, use Hugo again to move the rats away from the house or into a pool; rats that are not contained nor feasting will wander back to their original position. You’ll find another huge chest in the cell.

There’s another path to the left side that ends on another chest. Afterwards, continue moving forward past the guards, and then go through the small door.

Deal with The Beast

As you get out, you’ll have an encounter with The Beast. To defeat him, you need to blind him using stupefacio or a tar pot thrown on the fire once he’s close to the fire. Then, run around him and shoot the chain link behind his back, defeating him instantly.

Deal with the soldiers

You’ll then arrive at a quarry area full of soldiers. As Amicia is too weak to fight, she lets Hugo use his powers to kill all the soldiers. However, he goes overboard and gets a seizure, sending another wave of rats their way.

Escape from the rats

Amicia has to muster up her remaining strength to carry Hugo up the platform and away from the horde of rats. At the end of the path, she manages to boost Hugo up a cliff, but she’s too tired to go up herself. The scene ends with someone walking beside Hugo as he tries to reach for his sister.

Chapter 6 – Leaving All Behind Trophies in A Plague Tale Requiem

Here are the trophies that can be obtained in Chapter 6:

  • Leaving All Behind – complete Chapter 6.
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