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Know where to get Altaroth Jaws and what they're used for.

altaroth jaw

The Altaroth Jaw is an item that can be found from hunting an Altaroth in Monster Hunter Rise. Its main use is for crafting and upgrading different weapons and armors. Learn where to farm these and what can be crafted from it with this guide.

How to Farm Altaroth Jaw?

Altaroth Jaw can be farmed from both Low Rank and High Rank Altaroths, with the Low Rank Altaroths giving a higher percentage. Altaroths can be found in all of the maps, with the most abundant spots in the Flooded Forest areas 1, 12, and 14, Frost Islands areas 5 and 6, and in Lava Caverns areas 1 and 4.

  • Carves
    • 25% (LR)/20% (HR)
  • Drop Pickup
    • 25% (LR)/20% (HR)
altaroth jaw

Fastest Quest to Farm Altaroth Jaws?

Do the Case of the Creepy Crawlies quest which requires you to slay a total of 14 Altaroths or Bnahabras. Completing the quest may also reward you with additional Altaroth Jaws and other parts that you may need.

You may also do the A Tour of the Forest Expedition quest (Low Rank) in the Flooded Forest. Keep an eye out for an outbreak of Altaroths under the expedition’s Locale Info. This indicates that there will be a surge of Altaroths in the first few minutes of the quest.

How many Altaroth Jaws are needed for all the weapons and armors?

In total, you will only need to get 21 Altaroth Jaws to craft all the currently available weapons and armors that need it; 17 pieces for the weapons and 4 pieces for the armor pieces.

Altaroth Jaw Uses


  • Hortadent I (x2) (Insect Glaive)
Hortadent I (x2) (Insect Glaive)
  • Secta Nulo I (x2) (Sword and Shield)
Secta Nulo I (x2) (Sword and Shield)
  • Mandible Blade I (x3) (Charge Blade)
Mandible Blade I (x3) (Charge Blade)
  • Arachnid Bow I (x3) (Bow)
Arachnid Bow I (x3) (Bow)
  • Serrated Maw (x2) (Long Sword)
Serrated Maw (x2) (Long Sword)
  • Fiore Nulo II (x2) (Gunlance)
Fiore Nulo II (x2) (Gunlance)
  • Fiore Nulo White II (x3) (Gunlance)
Fiore Nulo White II (x3) (Gunlance)


  • Bnahabra Suit (x1) / Bnahabra Suit S (x1)
Bnahabra Suit (x1) / Bnahabra Suit S (x1)
  • Mosgharl Folia (x1) / Mosgharl Folia S (x1)
Mosgharl Folia (x1) / Mosgharl Folia S (x1)

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