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It can be a bit ironic that the Destiny 2 A Spark of Hope Quest is one of the more difficult to accomplish due to how confusing it is to even start. Considering that this quest comes right after the New Light prologue, that could leave a bad impression for many new players. Thankfully, we’re here to help you out.

If you’ve been having trouble on how to start the Destiny 2 A Spark of Hope Quest then this guide is perfect for you. We’ll show you to start, finish, and the rewards you’ll gain from this quest.

Destiny 2 How to Start A Spark of Hope

To begin this quest, you’ll first have to finish the prologue for New Light. After you’ve completed the new version of the Destiny 2 prologue, you can travel to The Tower where many of the game’s vendors reside. This is where you can start A Spark of Hope quest.

Once in the Tower, head down the ramp and below the stairs where Postmaster resides. You’ll be able to recognize him as he has a green icon with an insignia of a flower-like symbol in the middle.

When you’re facing the Postmaster, head towards your left. You’ll go between the side of stairs and a building where another icon should pop up that indicates a nearby terminal.

Interact with the terminal and you should see New Light quests once it properly loads up. You can then select A Spark of Hope from its roster and you’ve officially started the quest. However, there may be instances where this quest won’t properly show. In the event of that, you’ll have to keep accepting other quests on the terminal screen until you see A Spark of Hope finally show.

We suggest exploring around the Tower first and talk to the vendors. They will give you a series of introductions which will lead to unlocking A Spark of Hope quest.

Destiny 2 A Spark of Hope Quest Guide

The quest parameters for A Spark of Hope are relatively simple. You have to speak to Zavala, Ikora, and Devrim in that order. Afterwards, they’ll send you to Trostland to clear out three Lost Sectors.

The Lost Sectors you’ll have to clear out are as follows.

  • Widow’s Walk
  • Atrium
  • Terminus East

After completing these Lost Sectors, you can head back into the Tower and speak to Devrim, who will give you the “Risk/Reward” exotic quest for the Cosmodrome.

Cosmodrome Destiny 2 A Spark of Hope Guide
Cosmodrome Destiny 2

Risk/Reward has a few step objectives you’ll have to complete. They aren’t complex in nature but you may want to prepare first.

The first step is to defeat three Fallen Captains near the Divide at the Cosmodrome. You can draw these Fallen Captains out by defeating the Fallen mob enemies you can find easily in that location.

The second step requires you to find a locked gate in the Cosmodrome. This is where the next location in the quest will take place. It isn’t too challenging to find the gate, you just have to head to the southern part of the Divide where you’ll find an entrance to the Breach.

Heading inside will have you defeat enemies, progress through by following a waypoint, and solving a relatively simple jumping puzzle. Nothing too complex. But what you need to remember is to interact with the arc conductors at the end of the jump puzzle which will get you the exotic weapons at the end of the quest.

The third and final step in A Spark of Hope quest is to defeat a few more Fallen Enemies. After that, you can head back into The Tower to speak with Zavala to officially close and finish this quest.

A Spark of Hope Exotic Weapon Rewards

In order to get this exotic machine gun, you just have to finish A Spark of Hope quest. At the end of the quest, you’ll be asked to choose between Sunshot, Riskrunner, or Graviton Lance.

Depending on your playstyle, you can pick which one you fancy.

  • Sunshot – a Hand Cannon that deals explosive rounds. Any enemy that gets damaged by Sunshot gets highlighted making them easier to spot. An excellent starter weapon for aspiring gunslingers.
  • Riskrunner – a sub machinegun that gets stronger as you take Arc damage. You’ll also get reduced incoming Arc damage. Killing with this exotic weapon will extend the overcharge time.
  • Graviton Lance – a Pulse Rifle that deals a slow rate of fire, but is powerful enough to one-shot most cannon fodder with a well-timed headshot.

And there you go, that’s how you start and finish A Spark of Hope Quest for Destiny 2. There are many more quests in the game that could possibly be confusing, such as acquiring the Malfeasance Hand Cannon or getting the Gjallarhorn Catalyst. But don’t worry we have you covered for those.

Check out this Youtube video by Zaltax on how to complete A Spark of Hope.

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