How to Complete the Top of Class Quest in Destiny 2

A guide on how to unlock and complete the Top of Class quest in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Top of Class cover

Destiny 2 Top of Class is a side quest available for Guardians to complete in the game. This quest is available right now for players who are participating in the 2022 Guardian Games event. Clearing this quest will reward a special machine gun that gun collectors would certainly should add in their collections.

In this guide, we will talk about how to unlock the Destiny 2 Top of Class quest and how to complete it.

How to Unlock the Top of Class quest in Destiny 2

The Top of Class quest will be available for players to get from Eva Levante at the Tower Courtyard once the Best in Class quest has been completed.

How to Complete the Top of Class quest in Destiny 2

The Top of Class quest is a simple 2-step quest that can be completed easily. Be advised that this is a limited-time quest tied to the 2022 Guardian Games event and has to be completed during the event period. Otherwise, players will have to wait for next year’s Guardian Games, assuming that next year’s event will remain the same.

Complete the Wreathed in Laurels quest

After completing the Best in Class quest, talk once more to Eva Levante and you will be able to take on the Wreathed in Laurels quest.

In this quest, you are tasked to collect 50 Laurels. For this year’s Guardian Games, one way of that players can do is to collect Laurels by eliminating enemies with abilities under their specific class. Once done, enemies will drop extra loot that will reward Laurels when picked up. These are color-coded and base solely on the Guardian class. We have a guide on How to Earn Laurels Fast in Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022 that you can check to breeze through this quest.

Once 50 Laurels has been collected, speak to Eva Levante to get the next quest.

Complete the Machine-Gun Focused quest

The Machine-Gun Focused quest requires you to defeat 100 combatants using a Machine Gun. You simply have to wield a Machine Gun and do playlists such as the Daily Focus playlist, or the Guardian Games specific playlist to earn points for this quest. Once you’ve reached the goal, talk to Eva Levante and she will reward you with the Heir Apparent Exotic Machine Gun. You can learn more details about this gun in this guide.

Quick Guide on how to Complete the Best in Class quest

Here’s a quick rundown of the steps on how to complete the Best in Class quest which is required to unlock the Top of Class quest:

  1. Purchase a Contender Card from Eva Levante
  2. Complete the specific requirements from the Contender Card to earn medallions: The requirements would vary depending on what type of Contender Card was chosen.
  3. Speak with Eva upon completing the Contender Card
  4. Get your Medallion Case from Eva
  5. Deposit your medallions at the Guardian Games Podium
  6. Speak with Eva and pick up the Guardian Games: Medallion Battalion quest
  7. Speak with Commander Zavala in the Tower Courtyard
  8. Complete an activity in the Guardian Games” Recreational playlist and earn Vanguard Medals during combat
  9. Speak with Commander Zavala
  10. Speak with Eva and receive The Title Legendary Submachine Gun

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