Diablo Immortal Vitaath Helliquary Raid Boss Guide

A guide on how to defeat the Vitaath Helliquary Raid in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Vitaath Helliquary Raid cover

Vitaath is the second Wrathborne Demon that players can fight in the Helliquary. She harnesses the power of freezing magic and can easily demolish unprepared parties with her icicles and freezing aura.

In this guide, we will talk about how to clear the Vitaath Helliquary Raid and share some tips on how to make the fight more manageable.

How to Unlock the Helliquary in Diablo Immortal

The Helliquary can be unlocked by completing the Library of Zoltun Kulle section of the campaign. Once completed, head back to Westmarch and talk to Deckard Cain. He will then introduce you to Rayek who is the inventor of the Helliquary which allows you to track down Wrathborne Demons.

How to prepare for Vitaath, The Shivering Death

Vitaath, The Shivering Death is the second boss that can be fought using the Helliquary, and understandably a way harder challenge than Lassal. In order to unlock Vitaath, you must first defeat all three levels of Lassal’s raid. If you need a guide on how to level up your Helliquary, check out our How to Get Hellfire Scoria in Diablo Immortal where you will know how to get Hellfire Scoria used in leveling up the Helliquary.

In order to challenge Vitaath, you must first reach a Combat Rating of at least 2280.

The Vitaath Raid requires a total of 8 people. It is recommended to play with an established or leveled up warband to get certain buffs such as revive speed boosts.

Where to find Vitaath Helliquary Raid Entrance

Vitaath’s Helliquary entrance can be found at the Demon Portal at the Central Square in Westmarch.

Bonus Scoria from Warband Helliquary Raid

Bonus Scoria can be acquired if a Helliquary Raid is cleared with a Warband, which amounts to double the amount of Scoria obtained from a non-Warband raid. Consider creating or joining a Warband first before doing any raids to maximize your weekly Scoria gain.

Vitaath, the Shivering Death.

How to Defeat Vitaath Helliquary Raid

Vitaath’s Helliquarry raid starts off with a mob spawns, followed by a 4-phase fight.

Vitaath Mob Phase

Upon starting the raid, you will first have to fight her mobs:

  • Ice Clan Shaman
  • Ice Clan Impalers
  • Ice Clan Warriors

Once they’re defeated, Vitaath will show up and the main raid will start.

Vitaath Phase 1

On the first phase, Vitaath will do her regular slashing attacks along with her specials:

  • Sword Slash: Vitaath will slash her sword in an AoE cone. Make sure to move out of her line of sight or evade towards her back.
  • Ice Spikes: She will send ice spikes shooting from the ground in a horizontal AoE pattern. These deal considerable knockback damage, so dodge the attack marker as soon as you see it.
  • Icy Aura: Vitaath will place an icy aura on two random players that deal stacking damage. Make sure to avoid other players if you have the aura, likewise avoid those that have the aura.

Vitaath Phase 2

Once her first HP bar has been depleted, she will move on to phase 2 where she will summon more of her adds. Some of the adds that she summons are her Icy Clones; as long as her clones are alive, Vitaath will remain immune to damage, so make sure to clear them out as soon as possible.

  • Frozen Shades: Adds that deal ranged damage.
  • Chilling Constructs: Adds that deal melee damage.
  • Icy Clones: Clones of Vitaath that can also do some of her attacks.

She will also conjure three ice crystals that shoot out freezing air at nearby players.

Vitaath Phase 3

On her third phase, she will add these attacks to her set:

  • Icy Waves: She sends out arcs of slashes in random directions. This is quite hard to dodge, but pay attention to her sword; once it’s raised up, this attack will likely follow.
  • Slam Waves: She flies high and slams the ground, sending out arcs in eight directions from the impact point. The marker appears some good seconds before she lands, so it’s easier to reposition to a safe position.

Vitaath Phase 4

On her final phase, she will continue doing her previous attacks and even summoning more adds, plus she will start doing these attacks:

  • Sword Lunge: She will pull her sword and suddenly lunge it forward, sending out an icy laser. Moving to her side once she moves her arm backwards should keep you safe from getting hit.
  • Icy Rain: Icicles will fall from above, dealing massive damage. Markers where they will land will show on the floor, so it’s recommended to pay attention to these and pause on dealing DPS first.

Vitaath Helliquary Raid Rewards

Players will get rewarded with these items after defeating Vitaath:

  • Frozen Wing of the Shivering Death
    • Provides +30 Combat Rating and +10% Block Chance (Challenge Rifts only) when placed on a Helliquary slot.
  • Mystery Equipment
  • Gold
  • Chest of Glory
    • Only given to the top 3 damage dealers in the raid.
  • Scoria
    • Bonus Scoria can be earned if playing this raid with a Warband.

These rewards can only be received once every raid, but the rewards get reset twice a week so you will have two attempts of getting them within a week.

Vitaath Helliquary Raid Tips
  • It’s best to play in a Warband as you can get the bonus Scoria, plus you can easily communicate with each other and make sure that everyone knows how to handle the mechanic.
  • Always prioritize the adds to reduce the sources of damage to you and your partymates.
  • As much as possible, try to save your self-revive for the final phase as it’s much easier to still get revived or revive party members in the first phases, while it gets too hectic during the final phase.

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