Disney Dreamlight Valley Friends Aren’t Food Walkthrough

Disney Dreamlight Valley Friends Aren't Food cover

Friends Aren’t Food is a friendship quest from Scar in Disney Dreamlight Valley. In this quest, Scar demands a couple of things, including a coat and some food, or else the villagers will be in danger once he becomes super hungry.

In this guide, we will talk about how to complete the Friends Aren’t Food quest.

How to unlock the Friends Aren’t Food quest

In order to unlock the quest, you must raise Scar’s friendship level to level 2 and you must have Remy invited over to the valley. Completing the Nature and Nurture quest should automatically level up his friendship level.

How to complete Friends Aren’t Food quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Initiate the quest by talking to Scar after meeting the quest unlock conditions. Scar will be needing a special coat made for you to wear. You then need to talk to Mother Gothel and get her help making it. It helps make the quest easy to complete if you invite Scar to hang out with you.

Talk to Mother Gothel / Gather the materials needed for the coat

Talk to Mother Gothel and she will ask you a couple of materials needed for the coat such as:

  • x10 Fiber
  • x4 Fabric
  • x2 Citrine
  • x1 Iron Ingot

Bring the materials to Mother Gothel

After gathering the materials, head back to Mother Gothel and she will give you the Brown Faux-Fur-Trimmed Jacket.

Put on the Brown Faux-Fur-Trimmed Jacket / Return to Scar

Wear the coat you just got and then go back to Scar. He will then comment on the coat and will ask another favor from you to get him some food to eat. You will need to go to Remy to get help in preparing the dishes

Talk to Remy / Prepare Scar’s Dinner

Go to Remy and he will suggest that you prepare two fish dishes for Scar. He will then give you the recipe books for two fish dishes which you can learn by using the books from your inventory. You will need to prepare two of each dish and these are the recipes:

  • x2 Tekka Maki
    • Tuna
    • Soya
    • Seaweed
    • Rice
  • x2 Sake Maki
    • Rice
    • Seaweed
    • Salmon

Once you have the ingredients, cook the dishes over at a cooking station.

Bring the sushi to Remy

Talk back to Remy to tell him about the dishes and he will also give Scar a Coconut Cake.

Follow Remy as he gives Scar his food / Talk to Scar

Follow Remy as he pays a visit to Scar and then watch their conversation. After the conversation is over, talk to Scar once more to complete the quest.

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