Disney Dreamlight Valley Sunflower: how to get & where to find

Disney Dreamlight Valley Sunflower cover

Sunflowers are one of the flowers that can be seen in Disney Dreamlight Valley. These flowers with their iconic bright yellow petals and brown centers are known to face the sun and follow it throughout the day, hence the name.

In this guide, we will talk about the Sunflower, where it can be found, and what can be done with it.

Where to find Sunflowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Sunflowers can be found in Dazzle Beach. There are usually 4 to 5 sunflowers that appear on the beach at a given time, and new ones can spawn after around 30 minutes, provided that the max limit of sunflower spawns has not been met yet.

Farming Sunflowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Since sunflowers only appear as random flower spawns on the beach, they cannot be planted into the ground as a seed like a normal crop. But if you want to stock up on them, what you can do is to pick them up from time to time and store them in your inventory or in your storage chest. Make sure that you at least pick some of them to keep the spawn count from reaching the maximum and allow additional sunflowers to spawn.

Sunflower Uses in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Sunflowers are used as a crafting material for some furniture and decors, most especially flower pots and garden beds. They are also an important ingredient to make a Warmth of Summer Potion during the Breaking the Ice quest to upgrade the pickaxe.

They can also be used as a plant that can be placed on any buildable land. Simply get some sunflowers and within your inventory, select them and choose the Drop option to place them down. You can then go into the Furniture menu so that you can move the flowers anywhere you want; you can even rotate them to show which side they should face.

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