How to Unlock Pua Moana’s Pet in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Pua Moana Pet

Pua is one of Moana’s pet companion and best friend along with Hei Hei. He and Moana were almost always inseparable, but when the Forgetting happened, Pua went missing. However, as Moana slowly regains some of her memories, she remembered her best friend and now wants to be with him again.

In this guide, we will talk about how to unlock Pua in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to unlock The Search for Pua Quest

To unlock the quest to find Pua, you must first level up your friendship with Moana to level 8 and do her friendship quests up to this point. You will then unlock the quest called “The Search for Pua“.

Steps to unlock Pua in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Upon unlocking The Search for Pua quest, talk to Moana and she will talk about her plans of tracking him down through the valley.

Step 1: Go to the Fishing Boat

For the first step, head to the fishing boat and talk to Moana. She’ll find out that the coconuts that she left by the boat earlier have been eaten, telling her that it must have been Pua who ate them.

Step 2: Track down Pua at the Peaceful Meadow

Next, you will need to go to the Peaceful Meadow and check the ponds to find out where Pua might have gone to for a drink. You’ll see glowing hoof prints that you need to approach, then you will have to talk to Moana for the next task.

Step 3: Track down Pua at Chez Remy

Moana thinks that Pua will be hungry again, so you need to go to Chez Remy and find out any clues to help your tracking. You’ll see a burger spilled on the ground and then talk to Moana to get the next task.

Step 4: Track down Pua at the Forest of Valor

Moana thinks that Pua might have gotten scared at this point and might have decided to find a place to hide. You will need to go to the Forest of Valor and look for a patch of Night Thorns near Anna’s castle where you will find Pus entangled in it. Remove the thorn and you will be able to release Pua and complete the quest.

How to switch to Pua as a pet companion

After completing the quest, you can go to the Wardrobe menu, then under the Companions tab, you can select Pua and switch him up as your active pet companion.

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