Time Traveling Errors and Fixes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Time Travel cover

Time traveling or time skipping is an action that players do to progress through time in games that have their time synchronized to real time. This is usually done by adjusting the clock within the console or the PC to a future date, and since the game’s time follows this clock, the time in the game will change as well. The reasons for doing so may differ from player to player, but it is mostly about being able to progress through the game faster without having to wait.

Since Disney Dreamlight Valley also runs on real time, some players who are familiar of time traveling from their days of playing Animal Crossing have also tried doing it in the game with the expectation of going into a harvest without waiting for hours. It works, however some players who have tried to travel back to the proper time have experienced some repercussions.

In this guide, we will talk about how time traveling works in Disney Dreamlight Valley, what errors might come up, and how to fix or save a broken save file.

Time Traveling Errors in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When players who have time traveled forward into a future date and then traveled back into the proper date, they found themselves facing many issues regarding several stuff in their valleys such as:

  • Crops cannot be harvested
  • Crops are constantly withered and cannot be watered
  • Fishing spots stop working

Though this can be easily remedied by traveling back to the future date, this might cause further issues once the game starts implementing in-game events.

Time Traveling Error Fixes

One way to fix the issues brought by time traveling is to travel back to the proper time and date, then wait it out until the time in the game (“future” time) matches real time. For example:

  • Today is October 10, you time travel to October 17.
  • The game’s date is now set to October 17 and it will continue moving forward if not set back.
  • Switch the date back to the current date; October 10, 11, or whichever the current real date is.
  • Wait until October 17 in real time and then you can log back in the game.

Once real time has caught up to the game time, the game will fix itself and the previously bugged activities in the game should resume working properly. You can log in to the game while waiting for real time to catch up, but your actions will be limited to whatever was not affected by the time traveling errors.

Obviously, this would only be viable if the timespan between real time and game time is just a couple of days or weeks, and it would also depend on how willing the player is to wait for the game to fix itself. If the waiting time takes months, or even a year, a better option would be to just delete the save file and start all over. But before doing so, it’s best to know that there is still a way to save some of your items.

Perform a Cloud Save before starting a new game

You can try to save some of the items that you’ve gathered from your existing save file when going into a new save file by just making sure to perform a cloud save. In order to do this, you must first set the time back to the correct one as cloud saving will not proceed if the game detects that the time does not match up.

Then, you can go ahead and start a new game. After going through the character creation and the starting steps, you should be able to check your inventory and find your items from your previous save file still in it.

Will the time traveling errors be fixed for Disney Dreamlight Valley?

In a post made by a dev in a Disney Dreamlight Valley Discord channel, they have announced that since the game is in early access and time traveling is not an intended part of the gaming experience for the game, they are not prioritizing the fix for any of the unintended issues brought about by time traveling.

Whether or not a patch will come out to solve the time traveling issues, it’s recommended to stay away from the timey-wimey stuff for now.

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