God of War Ragnarok – All The Forge Collectibles

God of War Ragnarok - All The Forge Collectibles

The Forge Collectibles are scattered throughout the map of God Of War: Ragnarok. These collectibles share certain amounts of substories about the world of Kratos and his son will explore, and provide useful advantages in battle and exploration.

Read on, and this guide will list down exactly how and where to find all the collectibles in The Forge, including what rewards await them.

The Forge Collectibles Overview

The Forge is a region found in the Svartalfheim Realm of God Of War Ragnarok. There are a total of 9 collectibles found in this region, which are as follows:

  • Nornir Chests – 1
  • Legendary Chests – 1
  • Lore – 2
  • Artifacts – 1
  • Odin’s Ravens – 2
  • Yggdrasil Rifts – 2
To access some of the collectibles in this region, you must have completed the main story or progressed past a specific point. Yggdrasil Rifts and the Spear is unlocked as you progress through the main path: Forging Destiny.

All The Forge Collectibles Locations

Here are all the collectibles you can obtain chronologically:

Odin’s Raven #1

After the main story, travel to the Forge by using the Mystic Gateway. From there, take the little train uphill, and above, there is a raven flying on the right.

Things Left Behind – Bari’s Grenade

After getting the raven, go to the first exit on the right and climb up the wall on the left and drop down where there is a purple-glowing artifact behind a wooden crate on the ground.

Nornir Chest

In the same area where the artifact was found, climb back up and go straight across to the other area on the right that has a green heart drawn on a stone where the Nornir Chest can be found. Like always, three seals must be found and must be detonated using the spear in order to open it.

  • Nornir Chest 1 - All The Forge Collectibles Locations - God of War Ragnarok
  • Nornir Chest 2 - All The Forge Collectibles Locations - God of War Ragnarok
  • Nornir Chest 3 - All The Forge Collectibles Locations - God of War Ragnarok

The 1st one can be found on the left of the chest on the rocks, and the 2nd seal is on the left of the chest towards the end of the cliffs and is about 20 or 30 meters away on a mountaintop. The last seal is seen on the wall where the artifact was found and close to where the raven was. Get all the seals and the chest will be open.

Yggdrasil Rift #1

After getting the contents of the Nornir Chest, head through the hole at the end of the area and there will be a rift where waves of enemies will be popping out. Defeat them to complete the rift.

Scroll – Dear Overseer

Where the rift was found, squeeze back through the rocks to the other end of the area and go right to climb the first wall with white markings. This will lead to a small hut where a lore scroll can be found on the ground.

Rune Read – The Forge

After obtaining the Lore scroll, head out to the gate on the left, and there are blue markings on the wall that can be interacted with.

Legendary Chest

After getting the 2nd lore, go through the exit and there is an area with a geyser puzzle that was completed during the main story. Throw the axe at the geyser on the right side hill to freeze it and it will lower the elevator.

Ride the elevator and recall your axe to make it move. Once the elevator is moving, the chest can be found behind a gate in which players can climb on the left wall to get behind it.

Odin’s Raven #2

The raven can be found in the main Forge area where the spear was obtained. From the left side of the wall, the raven will be sitting there.

Yggdrasil Rift #2

Climb up the wall from where the Raven was sitting and follow the path until players will have to squeeze through a gap. Afterward, throw 2 spears at the wall to climb up and the rift can be found. Immediately, interact with it, and it will spawn a Lindwyrn that’s needed to complete the The Lost Lindwyrms Favor.

And that’s our God of War Ragnarok All The Forge Collectibles guide. If you want to know how we think about the game, read our review for God of War: Ragnarok. Also, check out our other God of War Ragnarok guides and articles.

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