God of War Ragnarok – All Nidavellir Collectibles

Collecting all Collectibles equals greater rewards

God of War Ragnarok - All Nidavellir Collectibles

Nidavellir Collectibles are scattered throughout the map of God of War: Ragnarok. These collectibles have varying degrees of lore crossover with the realm Kratos and his son will explore, and provide useful advantages in battle and exploration.

As such, this guide will list down exactly how and where to find all the collectibles in Nidavellir, so read on.

Nidavellir Collectibles Overview

Nidavellir is a region found in the Svartalfheim of God of War Ragnarok. There are a total of 9 collectibles found in this region, which are as follows:

  • Legendary Chests – 1
  • Lore – 2
  • Artifacts – 2
  • Odin’s Ravens – 1
  • Nine Realms in Bloom – 1
  • Berserker Gravestone – 1
  • Spirit of Rebellion – 1
To access some of the collectibles in this region, you must have completed the main story or progressed past a specific point. The spear is unlocked as you progress through the main path: Forging Destiny. Meanwhile, Gravestones can only be activated after the main path: The World of Fate.

All Nidavellir Collectibles Locations

Here are all the collectibles you can obtain chronologically:

Kvasir’s Poems – Large Society Ground Orb, The Performance (Artifact #1)

Park the boat near the town and there is a green blockade on the left side of the docks. Shoot it with Atreus’ Sonic arrow and the artifact will reveal itself.

Lore Scroll – Shopping List

Lore Scroll – Shopping List - God of War Ragnarok All Aurvangar Wetlands Collectibles Locations

Near the smithing shop, there is a golden scroll on the ground in the middle of the market square.

Odin’s Raven

Odin's Raven - God of War Ragnarok All Aurvangar Wetlands Collectibles Locations

From the market square, there is a raven sitting on top of a house on the left side of the smithing shop.

Things Left Behind – Griep’s Firebomb (Artifact #2)

Crawl through the tunnel past the smithing shop to enter another area. After you exit the tunnel, turn left and destroy the barrels, then head into another tunnel where the artifact is found.

Legendary Chest

After getting the artifact, exit the tunnel by climbing up and straight ahead, there is a wind coming out of the wooden pillar. Use the spear at the pillar by throwing it and the chest will be found on top as soon as you climb it.

Treasure Map – Mining Glory

Treasure Map – Mining Glory - God of War Ragnarok All Aurvangar Wetlands Collectibles Locations

This lore is found right next to the legendary chest which is glowing green on the floor.

Favor: Nine Realms in Bloom

After opening the chest and getting the lore, walk downhill till you see a broken bridge. There is gas coming out of a wooden chimney and players must throw their spears that will create a path to jump over. On the other side is a flower which will trigger one of the Favors known as Nine Realms in Bloom.

Favor: Spirit of Rebellion

This Favor can be unlocked after completing the events of Chapter 10: Forging Destiny. After getting your spear from the Forge, you’ll eventually make your way down back to Nidavellir Beach. As soon as you reach the beach, head past the broken bridge where a mystic gateway is located. Standing next to the gateway is Durlin, interact with him to trigger this Favor.

Berserker Gravestone: Asgard’s Fortitude – Amulet Enchantment

Berserker Gravestone Asgard’s Fortitude – Amulet Enchantment- God of War Ragnarok All Aurvangar Wetlands Collectibles Locations

After accepting the Favor from Durlin, turn around and cross the broken bridge again to find a glowing gravestone in the middle of the area.

And that’s our God of War Ragnarok All Nidavellir Collectibles guide. If you want to know how we think about the game, read our review for God of War: Ragnarok. Also, check out our other God of War Ragnarok guides and articles.

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