How to Evolve Bisharp to Kingambit in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Kingambit cover

Kingambit is one of the newest Pokémon that is introduced in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. It evolves from Bisharp and not only does it look quite intimidating, it is also known to amass an army of Bisharps and Pawniards that are willing to fight by its side. However, it is one of the Pokémon that does not evolve just by leveling up alone. A couple of conditions have to be met first, making it one of the few species that have quite an interesting evolution method.

In this guide, we will talk about how to evolve Bisharp into a Kingambit and share some tips and tricks on how to get one early on in the game.

Where to get a Pawniard or a Bisharp

Pawniards can be found in the South Province Areas 1 and 5, East Province Area 3, and in North Province Area 2, within the bamboo forest.

Bisharps can be found in the North Province Area 2, within the bamboo forest.

How to Evolve a Bisharp to a Kingambit

To evolve a Bisharp to a Kingambit, you must first obtain a Leader’s Crest, then have your Bisharp hold it while defeating at least three other Bisharps that are leading a pack of Pawniards. Afterwards, you can then level up you Bisharp to evolve it into a Kingambit.

How to get the Leader’s Crest

To obtain the Leader’s Crest, you must snatch the item from a Bisharp that leads a pack of Pawniards, or you can also capture the said Bisharp to get the item. Just defeating a Bisharp will only yield Pawniard Blades.

Kingambit Evolution Pointers and Tips

  • It’s best to keep in mind that you have to defeat Bisharps that are part of a Pawniard pack. Bisharps that wander alone do not count in the evolution process.
  • It is recommended to head over to the bamboo forest in the North Province Area 2 right away as you will also need to acquire the Leader’s Crest needed for the evolution process from the Bisharps in the area.
  • It is also recommended to attempt getting a Kingambit after getting at least 5-6 Gym Badges if you plan on skipping getting a Pawniard as the Bisharps found in the wild are at their level 50’s. Alternatively, you can catch a low level Pawniard and level it up to level 52 to get a Bisharp without needing to collect that many gym badges.

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