Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Leaks Revealed Again

More Leaks for Pokemon Scarlet And Violet revealed

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Leaks Feature

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks have appeared once more and huge surprises have been revealed as new Pokemons have been appearing in the latest installment of the series. Fans have been tweeting about it and their expectations of what could happen in the game are getting bigger.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Leaks

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Leaks

On the Twitter page of Centro Leaks ALT, new Paldean Pokemons were featured and shown many details of what type of Pokemon they are and what their possible evolutions will be in the game. The Pokemons leaked are the following:

  • Oinkologne – the final evolution of the hog pokemon known as the Lechonk. Based on the pics, the forms of Lechonk will depend based on its gender.
  • Meowscarada – the final evolution of Sprigatto, one of the 3 starting Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. According to the post, this Pokemon is considered to be a Dark and Grass Type Pokemon
  • Cetoddle – this Pokemon is the pre-evolution form of the Terra Whale Pokemon known as Cetitan
  • Nacli – another rock-type Pokemon that was revealed. According to the tweet, this Pokemon is a literal rock salt.
  • Skeledirge – the final evolution of Fuecoco and one hell of a singer. This Pokemon is a Ghost and Fire Type Pokemon that can scream to the heavens
  • Shroodle – this Pokemon is the pre-evolution form of the Toxic Pokemon known as Grafaia
  • Lokix – this Dark and Bug-type Pokemon is known for its jumping ability and resembles one of Japan’s most popular Toku heroes, Kamen Rider Black.
  • Clodsire – this is the final evolution form of the Paldean Wooper.
  • Floragato – the next evolution of Sprigatto and this grass Pokemon is practicing her magical performance.
  • Nymble – the dark bug pokemon that always keeps himself alert at all times.
  • Quaxwell – the next evolution of Quaxly who is mastering his martial arts in form of waves
  • Quaquavel – the final evolution of Quaxly and confirmed to be a Water and Fighting Type Pokemon who is armed to the flappers.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is set to be released for the Nintendo switch on November 18, 2022, worldwide. Players can pre-order the game both physically and digitally now.

For more information on Pokémon in general, check out the official Pokémon website.

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