How to Get Rain of Fire in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Rain of Fire: How to get Warlock leg exotic armor.

Rain of Fire in Destiny 2 featured

The Rain of Fire in Destiny 2 is an exotic leg armor for the Warlock class that gives you certain benefits. It will help you increase the airborne effectiveness of your Fusion and Linear Fusion Rifles while also making you radiant upon Final Blows with them. The leg armor will also automatically reload all of your weapons upon using the Icarus Dash which makes it a tempting piece to have for yourself.

This guide will teach you how to get the Rain of Fire in Destiny 2.

How to Get the Rain of Fire Exotic Leg Armor?

To get the Rain of Fire, you have to participate in a Lost Sector by yourself in either Legend or Master difficulty that offers this exotic drop as the reward in Destiny 2. Since exotics are not a guarantee, you may have to repeat Lost Sectors multiple times in order to get it.

The Lost Sectors that offer the Rain of Fire isn’t set in stone. So you’ll have to look for a Lost Sector that is offering this exotic drop. You also have to complete the Lost Sector solo so you can’t invite your Fireteam to help you clear it out faster.

Thankfully it shouldn’t be too challenging to get the Rain of Fire in Destiny 2. So long as you’re prepared to take on any Lost Sector alone in either Legend or Master difficulty, you’ll be able to get it after several attempts.

How to get Rain of Fire in Destiny 2

Curious about how good the Rain of Fire in Destiny 2 is? This Warlock exotic leg armor might not seem like much at a glance but it can really help you out in the long run.

Rain of Fire Stats

The Rain of Fire gives you three benefits:

  • Automatic Reload: Using Icarus Dash reloads all of your equipped weapons.
  • Increased Airborne Efficiency: Your fusion rifles are more effective when you fire them in the air.
  • Gather Radiance: Final Blows with fusion rifles will make you Radiant for a few seconds.

The Rain of Fire in Destiny 2 seems to be geared towards making the Vex Mythoclast catalyst more effective. By itself, it’s already a great weapon. However when paired with the Rain of Fire, you can wipe out your enemies quickly by taking advantage of its increased airborne efficiency.

Vex Mythoclast catalyst

That’s how to get the Rain of Fire in Destiny 2. We hope this helped your Warlock dominate PVP matches in the game. Here are some more Destiny 2 articles:

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