How to Get The Blowout in Destiny 2

A Rocket Launcher worth getting in Destiny 2 Season of Seraph


If Guardian players in Destiny 2 are looking for a powerhouse weapon, they should use heavy-firing weapons like a rocket launcher. In Destiny 2, there are a ton of rocket launchers to use, and some have unexpected abilities that work for both PVP and PVE matches. Among them, there is one unique weapon that is very powerful, and that is the Blowout. As such, this guide will let players know how to get it and more, so read on.

What is the Blowout in Destiny 2?

The Blowout is a Legendary rocket launcher that can be used in PVE and PVP events of the game. With the Adaptive Frame as its Intrinsic Trait, this weapon can fire high-velocity shots with a huge blast radius.

What is The Blowout in Destiny 2

Though it is a great weapon, its handling and stability will need some adjustments including its reload speed as it is very slow. But all of these problems can be solved if players can use the following perks and traits for their matches:

  • Linear Compensator
    • this launch barrel gives off well-balanced characteristics that increase the projectile speed, blast radius, and stability of any heavy weapon.
  • Impact Casting
    • Using this magazine will not only increase the stability of the weapon but also increase the damage on direct hits.
  • Sympathetic Arsenal
    • This trait gives the rocket launcher a faster reload time and will reload stowed weapons after delivering a final blow
  • Multi-Kill Clip
    • Depending on the number of enemies killed, an increase in damage will occur from 17% to 50%. Also, it reloading as well will grant an increase in damage.

How to Get The Blowout in Destiny 2?

To get the Blowout in Destiny 2: Season of Seraph, Guardian players can unlock it by participating in crucible matches and earning rank-up packages from Lord Shaxx. Players must be more active in participating in PVP matches, and for those who rely mostly on PVE matches, getting this weapon will be a problem.

How to Get The Blowout in Destiny 2

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