How to Get Weapon Patterns in Destiny 2

A guide on how to obtain Weapon Patterns in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Weapon Patterns

Weapon Patterns are essential to crafting weapons especially that Destiny 2 now has the weapon crafting mechanic. This mechanic allows players to fine tune their weapons to the spec that they want. However, getting the weapon patterns themselves requires some farming and some little luck.

In this guide, we will talk about how to acquire Weapon Patterns and how to use them for crafting weapons.

How to Get Weapon Patterns in Destiny 2?

In order to get the Weapon Patterns off of weapons, you will have to perform multiple Deepsight Resonance Extractions on that particular weapon that you want to get. Different weapons require different amounts of extractions, ranging from around 2 to 5 extractions.

Once you have performed enough Deepsight Resonance Extractions on a weapon, you will then be awarded with its Weapon Pattern. You can track the progress of a weapon’s extraction count by going to Triumphs > Patterns & Catalysts then filter through the Class and Weapon Type categories of your weapon.

Obtained weapon patterns can also be viewed through the Weapon Crafting menu in the Resonance Engine in The Enclave.

Weapon Patterns can be obtained through quests, but they can also be obtained from weapons that have dropped in the world. Do note that not every weapon that drops has the ability to have its Weapon Pattern extracted.

How to know if I can extract Weapon Pattern in Destiny 2?

Once you’ve obtained a dropped weapon, check your inventory to see if you can extract its weapon pattern. Weapons with Deepsight Resonance will have a red border around them when viewed from your inventory.

If you hover your mouse or cursor over those weapons, you may see the message “This weapon’s Pattern can be extracted.” If that message is visible, you can use the weapon to fill the Attunement Progress bar and complete the Attunement, as indicated above on performing Deepsight Resonance Extractions.

Afterwards, you may select which resonant element/material you want to extract from the weapon by clicking on the Weapon Details button.

This will allow you to extract the material from the weapon and the red border from the weapon’s icon in your inventory will disappear. The process is summarized as: Acquire Deepsight Drop weapon > Use Weapon until 100% Attuned > Claim Elements > extract Weapon Pattern.

How to Perform a Deepsight Resonance Extraction?

Before you can perform an extraction, you must fill up the weapon’s Attunement Progress by just using the weapon through your missions and completing activities with it.

Attunement Progress is completed on a per-weapon basis, which means that if the weapon that you want to get a pattern from requires 5 extractions, then you have to fill up the Attunement Progress of 5 separate weapons of the same weapon.

Other Materials from Deepsight Resonance Extraction

Extraction can and should also be done on weapons other than the ones you don’t intend to craft. The reason is this is the only way to get other materials needed for crafting such as the different kinds of Resonant Materials.

There are five Resonant Materials that are needed for crafting aside from the Weapon Pattern itself. These are:

  • Adroit Element – Weapon-performance related specific enhanced Traits
  • Drowned Element – Raid-based enhanced Traits
  • Energetic Element – Ammo or Reload related enhanced Traits
  • Mutable Element – Ability-boosting related enhanced Traits
  • Ruinous Element – Damage related enhanced Traits

For every resonant material or element claimed, that counts as one progress for the weapon pattern.

The Neutral Element is considered as the basic building block of weapon crafting, while the other four legendary elements are required depending on the trait that you would like to include or enhance on your weapon.

How to Get Weapons with Deepsight Resonance?

You can get Legendary Weapons that have Deepsight Resonance on them as loot drops from every other activity where you can get Legendary Weapons at.

The catch is that not every Legendary Weapon is guaranteed to have a Deepsight Resonance. Depending on your luck, you may have to do some extensive farming before you can get enough weapons to get its pattern.

You can get Legendary Weapons from doing these activities:

  • Getting the Deepsight Requisition Upgrade for your War Table
    • The first time you decrypt an Umbral Engram into a Seasonal Weapon each week will guarantee that the weapon that you get form it will have Deepsight Resonance.
  • Decrypt Umbral Engrams through Umbral Focusing: Weapons
  • Opening Rank Rewards
  • Play through PsiOps Battlegrounds or through Playlist Activities
    • Be aware that you have to play in activities which have your target weapon in their loot pool.

Tip on Farming Legendary Weapons

Do not forget to pop some Prosperity mods on to your Ghost to help increase the drop rate of those Legendary weapons and shortening the time that you need to farm for them.

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