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Featured Image How to Level up fast in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 has a few things to learn in order to know how to level up fast. Here is our guide to help you farm experience points (EXP) as fast as possible in the game.

How to Level Up Fast in Dying Light 2

You level up fast in Dying Light 2 by doing side objectives. Side objectives offer the most experience points in Dying Light 2 so be sure to keep an eye out for them as you roam around the open world.

Both Combat and Parkour have 25 levels, and they each level up separately. So you’re going to have to do a lot of activities to be able to level up fast in Dying Light 2. Thankfully there are plenty of side objectives to take part in.

Every time you level up in either combat or parkour gets you a single point to invest in a new skill. However, you’re going to need Inhibitors located in GRE Containers in Dying Light 2 to have the health and stamina to afford them.

What Side Objectives Level You Up Fast in Dying Light 2?

Here are the best side objectives to level up fast in Dying Light 2.

Climb Windmills - How to Level up fast in Dying Light 2

Climb Windmills

There are windmills scattered across the City that nets you some pretty good parkour experience points if you can climb them. They usually require some problem-solving skills and a bit of stamina to complete.

Liberate Bandit Camps - How to Level up fast in Dying Light 2

Liberate Bandit Camps

There aren’t many Bandit Camps in Dying Light 2 but liberate them and you get some great experience points as a reward. They’re quite difficult since they’re infested with a lot of bandits so you should stock up on equipment before tackling them.

Parkour Challenges - How to Level up fast in Dying Light 2

Parkour Challenges

Parkour challenges can be found across the map. And completing them understandably gets you parkour experience points depending on your performance. You’d definitely want to go for Gold as that nets you the most experience.

Find Nightrunner Hideouts - How to Level up fast in Dying Light 2

Find Nightrunner Hideouts

Find Nightrunner hideouts scattered around areas in The City. They don’t take more than ten seconds to turn on the generators that unlock them and they net you some pretty decent parkour experience points. Not to mention a safe haven against the infection brimming in the night.

Open Military Airdrops - How to Level up fast in Dying Light 2

Open Military Airdrops

Military airdrops are usually located above tall buildings so to open them you need to parkour your way upwards. Some are sunken in the water once you reach the Newfound Lost Lands regions. Some need certain Nightrunner equipment like the grappling hook to properly get to. Not only do Military Airdrops net you good parkour experience points but they also have unique equipment and may even contain Inhibitors.

Defeat GRE Anomalies - How to Level up fast in Dying Light 2

Defeat GRE Anomalies

Defeat GRE Anomalies at night to get some decent combat experience points. These Revenants aren’t too tough but you do have to worry about the horde of Infected that get in your way. The fact that you can only fight them at night adds more to the challenge.

Complete Side Quest - How to level up fast in Dying Light 2

Complete Side Quests

There are many people in Dying Light 2 that give you side quests to complete. Be sure to lend a helping hand. You’ll even be able to save someone’s life by making the right choices. This should level up both parkour and combat perks.

Finish Opportunity Encounters - How to Level up fast in Dying Light 2

Finish Opportunity Encounters

Once in a while, you’ll get the chance to finish opportunity encounters while running around in Dying Light 2. These usually don’t last long so don’t ignore them. Some can include fighting off Renegades, rescuing captured hostages, or chasing off thieves. This gives your combat experience points.

Power Metro Stations - How to Level up fast in Dying Light 2

Power Metro Stations – Combat

Power Metro Stations for not just fast travel but decent combat experience and a free Inhibitor at the end as a bonus to boot. Here are all the Metro Station locations in Dying Light 2.

Just keep doing these side activities and you’ll level up fast in no time in Dying Light 2.

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