How to Unlock Minnie Mouse in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Bring Minnie back home.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Minnie cover

Minnie Mouse is one of the popular Disney characters and is Mickey’s long time partner. Because of the Forgetting that happened in Dreamlight Valley, Minnie vanished from the village while the rest of the villagers can only remember parts of her existence. With the help of the player and everyone’s memories, she can be brought back home.

In this guide, we will talk about how to unlock Minnie in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Pre-requisites to unlock Minnie Mouse

To unlock Minnie Mouse, you must first befriend Mickey Mouse and complete one of his quests called “Hangin’ with Mickey” (friendship level 2) which will initiate the quest line to bring back Minnie into the village.

  • Hangin’ with Mickey steps:
    • Gather the materials to craft a Tall Birdhouse
      • x3 White Daisy
      • x3 Blue Falling Penstemon
      • x8 Softwood
    • Craft the Tall Birdhouse
    • Place the Tall Birdhouse anywhere in the village
    • Talk to Mickey

You must also progress through the story line to the point where you manage to recover the Orb of Trust from the Glade of Trust under the quest called “The Curse“.

How to unlock Minnie Mouse in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock Minnie, you must go through a quest line where Mickey works hard to bring her back into the village.

Step 1: Complete the Missing Minnie quest

After Mickey mentions that he misses Minnie, a quest called “Missing Minnie” will become available. In this quest, Mickey will ask you to create some dishes as he wishes to recreate his picnic with her.

To complete this quest, you need to cook:

Give the dishes to Mickey and follow him to their picnic location in the Peaceful Meadow. You both will then see an image of a walking Minnie, suggesting that she is somewhere around the village, but not quite.

Step 2: Complete the Shadows and Bows quest

For this quest, Mickey asked the help of Merlin upon seeing Minnie’s shadow in the village. Merlin then enchanted Minnie’s bow and turned it into a Memory Magnet which acts as an antenna to reach her. It requires more memories about her, so you will need to talk to the other villagers and ask them about what they remember about her.

You need to talk to both Goofy and Scrooge McDuck and ask them about their memories about Minnie. Talk back to Mickey and head to the Wishing Well in the middle of the village where you will see her shadow once again. Talk to Minnie, and then watch her conversation with Mickey. After a few moments, she will start fading once more.

Step 3: Complete the Memory Magnification quest

After raising Mickey’s friendship level to level 8, another quest will be unlocked called “Memory Magnification” where Mickey sought Merlin’s help once again. He will then ask you to help gather the materials to build a Dreamlight Magnifier that should help in bringing back Minnie.

To craft the Dreamlight Magnifier, you will need the following materials:

  • x1 Emerald – can be mined from the Forest of Valor or the Glade of Trust
  • x2 Hardwood – can be picked up around the trees starting from the Forest of Valor and the Glade of Trust
  • x6 Tinkering Parts
    • x60 Iron Ore + x12 Coal Ore >>> x12 Iron Ingot

After crafting the Dreamlight Magnifier, go talk to Mickey, and then to Minnie (she should appear in the map now) and she will mention that she needs an anchor in the village so that she can make her way back home. You then have to place her house anywhere in the village and have it constructed with the help of Scrooge for 5,000 coins.

Finally, find Minnie once again in the village and talk to her, then talk to Mickey to complete the quest. You can then proceed to raising your friendship level with Minnie.

Friendship with Minnie

After Minnie has settled in the village, you can then build your friendship with her through her quests. You can also assign her with any role from the five roles once you reach level 2 in friendship with her.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is available for PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One/X|S, and Nintendo Switch.