Halo Infinite How to Unlock Fast Travel Guide

Learn how to unlock Fast Travel in Halo Infinite

Zeta Halo Ring Halo Infinite How to Unlock Fast Travel

In our Halo Infinite How to Unlock Fast Travel guide we’ll teach you how to be able to unlock fast travelling in Halo Infinite, where you can fast travel to, and when you can do it.

Fast traveling to a certain location would surely be convenient rather than traversing a vast area by foot, especially if you wouldn’t be able to find vehicles like the Banshee or the WASP.

Halo Infinite features a vast open world in the form of the Zeta Halo Ring, a first in the franchise that usually dealt with more linear missions. With its new open world, Halo Infinite has plenty of places to hide Skulls locations and Spartan Core upgrades for Master Chief’s new equipment.

If you’re wondering how to unlock Fast Travel in the Halo Infinite Campaign, or if this option is still not available for you, in this guide we will be outlining all the steps on how you can unlock it.

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Halo Infinite Campaign

Many fast travel locations exist in Halo Infinite, but they must be found and unlocked separately. Players must first locate all the Forward Operating Bases in Halo Infinite to fully unlock the fast travel option.

A great number of opponents will be encountered in the Halo Infinite campaign, some of which will open up new quick travel routes.

Without needing to complete the Halo Infinite main campaign, players can still freely explore open areas of the map. The game allow players to fast travel or alter their loadout in Halo Infinite. To open each Forward Operating Base, defeat all the enemies that are surrounding the facility.

Here are all the steps to unlock Halo Infinite’s Fast Travel mechanic.

Master Chief Halo Infinite How to Unlock Fast Travel
Don’t leave the Chief floating in space.

Finish the Prologue Mission

It can be a bit difficult for Master Chief to Fast Travel when he’s stuck floating in the abyss of space. After being rescued by the Pilot, you first have to go through one of The Banished’s spaceships in the prologue mission before you land in the Zeta Halo Ring.

Tremonius Outpost Halo Infinite How to Unlock Fast Travel
Outpost Tremonius

Exit the Tremonius Outpost

Of course, it doesn’t end there. There’s another level where you have to fight through a Banished outpost before you’re introduced to the open world.

But wait! Before you can exit to get a taste of fresh air, Tremonius stands in your way. He’s one of the campaign bosses in Halo Infinite. And at the end of the level, he stands in the way between you and the only elevator out of there.

Once you defeat Tremonius, you can finally emerge from The Banished outpost. The Pilot will ask you to clear the base before he can land. You should make short work of the goons outside.

After finishing all the above, you can now Fast Travel to Outpost Tremonius.

FOB Outpost Halo Infinite How to Unlock Fast Travel
Plenty of FOB Outposts to liberate.

Liberate FOB Outposts

Players must liberate a Forward Operating Base to obtain access to one of Halo Infinite’s fast travel points. Players must then walk to the large platform in the middle and interact with the console there once the opponents have been defeated.

Of course, you won’t be able to just Fast Travel if you don’t have anywhere to Fast Travel to. Much of the Halo Infinite open world map will be locked off from Fast Travel until you liberate several of its FOB outposts.

Before you can Fast Travel to those FOB outposts you’re going to need to travel the old fashioned way. Get yourself a WASP or find a Banshee flying around to make the journey a lot faster.

A base with more challenging foes or a big number of them may take several attempts to liberate.

Defeat All Enemies

To begin using the base, players must first defeat all enemies in the vicinity. It’s important to bring some of Halo Infinite’s best weaponry with you when taking over a base, as some adversaries are tougher than others.

From the map, players can instantly warp to a controlled Forward Operating Base by selecting it and pressing the fast travel button or key.

There’s no need to worry about opponents taking back bases in Halo Infinite. Takeover Forward Operating Bases and travel around the map quickly in Halo Infinite should be possible with a competent loadout.

Once you clear out an FOB outpost, you can Fast Travel to one any time except when you’re in the middle of a fight. By doing so, you can call in cars, modify your gear and weapon loadout, and call in vehicles.

Fast Travel makes finding collectibles such as the Forerunner Artifact locations a lot more convenient.

And now you know how to unlock Fast Travel in Halo Infinite. Say, if you’re looking for more Halo Infinite guides, we got an extensive library for not just its main campaign. I managed to score myself the awesome looking Yoroi Samurai Armor in the separate multiplayer segment. You can get awesome gear too if you stick with us.