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Know where to get Hydro Hide+'s and what they're used for.

hydro hide+

Hydro Hide+ is one of the materials that is needed to craft the High Rank Ludroth Sets, as well as other set pieces and weapons. Learn how to farm these and what to craft form them in this guide.

How to Farm Hydro Hide+?

Hydro Hide+ can be farmed from High Rank Ludroths with a 56% chance of getting one from a carve. Ludroths can be found in areas 6, 7, and 14 in the Flooded Forest, and in area 9 in the Lava Caverns. Hydro Hide+ can also be received as target rewards for Ludroth-related quests.

  • Rewards
    • 31% (x1)
    • 11% (x2)
  • Carves
    • 56% (x1)
  • Palico Pickup
    • 56% (x1)
hydro hide+

How many Hydro Hide+ is needed for all the weapons and armors?

In total, you only need to get 26 Hydro Hide+ to craft all the currently available weapons and armors that need it; 9 pieces for the weapons and 17 pieces for the armor pieces.

Hydro Hide+ Uses


  • Striker’s Bowgun II (x5) (Heavy Bowgun)
Striker's Bowgun II (x5) (Heavy Bowgun)
  • Double Droth (x2) (Dual Blades)
Double Droth (x2) (Dual Blades)
  • Spongia Bow (x2) (Bow)
Spongia Bow (x2) (Bow)


  • Droth S Set
    • Droth Mail S (x3)
    • Droth Coil S (x2)
    • Droth Greaves S (x2)
Droth S Set - Monster Hunter Rise
  • Ludroth S Set
    • Ludroth Helm S (x2)
    • Ludroth Braces S (x2)
    • Ludroth Greaves S (x2)
Ludroth S Set - Monster Hunter Rise
  • Edel S Set
    • Edel Folia S (x2)
Edel S Set - Monster Hunter Rise
  • Vaik S Set
    • Vaik Helm S (x2)
Vaik S Set - Monster Hunter Rise

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