MultiVersus Trophies List – How to Get Every Trophy

A list of every trophy in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus Trophies List How to Get Every Trophy featured

Players are looking for the MultiVersus Trophies. This game has a total of 29 trophies that can be earned. These trophies will require online connectivity as participation in online multiplayer is a requirement to earn all of them.

MultiVersus Trophies

Here are all the MultiVersus trophies in the game:


Trophy Master

Earn all other Trophies to collect this Trophy


Toast Master

Give out 100 Toasts to other players

Bun-Puncher Supreme

Get 100 Ringouts

The Throne Is Yours

Win 300 matchmade games

And Your Little Dog, Too!

Get 100 Double Ringouts

Ground Floor: Ringouts

Get 100 Ringouts using your spike

Distanced Damage Dealer

Get 200 Ringouts with a projectile

Party Animal

Play 500 matches in a party


Nice Speech

Give out 10 Toasts to other players

You're Getting Pretty Good At This!

Get 50 Ringouts

Proving Yourself

Win 100 matchmade games

Ringouts Are Better In Pairs

Get 25 Double Ringouts

Going Down?

Get 50 Ringouts using your spike

Catch This

Get 50 Ringouts with a projectile

Life of the Party

Play 100 matches in a party


Credit Where It's Due

Give out 5 Toasts to other players

Run It Back

Accept 100 rematches


Play 1 matchmade game

You Mean Business

Get 30 Ringouts

Stepping Out

Win 10 matchmade games

Bring A Friend

Get 10 Double Ringouts

Watch Your Step

Get 10 Ringouts using your spike

Aerial Specialist

Get 10 Ringouts using the top of the Blast Zone

Southpaw Specialist

Get 10 Ringouts using the left-side of the Blast Zone

Rightie Specialist

Get 10 Ringouts using the right-side of the Blast Zone

Spike Specialist

Get 10 Ringouts using the bottom of the Blast Zone

Watch Your Head

Get 20 Ringouts with a Projectile

Social Butterfly

Play 25 matches in a party

Signature Slammer

Get 10 low-damage Ringouts

Earning all the MultiVersus trophies will take some time. Free-to-play games usually have an extensive list of activities before you can 100% them. Still, there’s a lot of repetition involved if you want to platinum MultiVersus as you’ll be asked to play repeatedly.

MultiVersus Trophies List How to Get Every Trophy

How To Earn MultiVersus Trophies

Some MultiVersus trophies are a bit harder to earn than others. Here’s a guide that teaches you how to earn some of the more difficult ones:

  • Distanced Damaged Dealer: You’re going to want to use Taz to get this trophy. This Looney Tunes character has one of the best projectile specials that can chew opponents and then turn them into projectiles. With the right perk, you can even turn items into anvils that do added damage. This is the same for earning Catch This and Watch Your Head which you’ll earn on the way.
  • Aerial Specialist: This means knocking enemies to the top of the arena. Shaggy would be great for this thanks to his uppercut special.
  • Southpaw Specialist: This means knocking enemies to the left side of the arena.
  • Rightie Specialist: This means knocking enemies to the right side of the arena.
  • Spike Specialist: This means knocking enemies to the bottom of the arena.
  • Ringouts Are Better In Pairs: You’ll have to knock out two enemies in conjunction to each other. This is also the requirement for And Your Little Dog, Too! and Bring A Friend trophies.
  • Watch Your Step: Your spike works in conjunction with the Spike Specialist trophies. Each character has a spike move they can perform that sends enemy players to the bottom of the arena. This trophy can be earned in conjunction with Ground Floor: Ringouts and Going Down? trophies.

A lot of the trophies in MultiVersus really just means doing a certain thing for a number of times. You’ll no doubt earn some as you keep playing but if you’re aiming for platinum you’re going to want to setup your spikes, projectiles, and other forms of Ringouts.

You’ll also have to do Toasts to earn the Credit Where It’s Due, Nice Speech, and Toast Master. We have our How to Toast Another Player MultiVersus And Clear Challenges guide to help you out.

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That’s our MultiVersus Trophies List guide. We hope you found this article to be informative. Check out our other MultiVersus contents for more guides.

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