One Piece Odyssey Head to Capital City Alubarna Chapter 2 Walkthrough

One Piece Odyssey Head to Capital City Alubarna cover

Head to Capital City Alubarna is the fourth objective of Chapter 2: Memories of the Desert Kingdom, Alabasta in One Piece Odyssey. Following the rescue of Princess Vivi, the Straw Hats make their way into Alubarna which Crocodile is planning to take over by inciting a battle between the Rebel and the Royal Army.

Read ahead as we go through the events in Head to Capital City Alubarna, sharing some tips and tricks, as well as some hints on the whereabouts of the collectibles.

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Head to Capital City Alubarna Objectives

  • Escape From Rain Dinners
  • Escape the Alubarna Desert

Escape From Rain Dinners

After rescuing Vivi, she joins the Straw Hats journey to Alubarna. Make your way back to the main door of the casino to exit the place.

Escape the Alubarna Desert

Path to Garrison

As you exit the casino, you’ll encounter Royal Army soldiers tending to the injured and the dead. Up ahead are more soldiers, both from the Rebel Army and the Royal Army tending to their allies.

Head to the west and use Chopper to go under a gate where a chest and Chopper’s cube fragment can be found.

The Royal Army Garrison

Go inside the Royal Army Garrison to proceed. Take the time to check the top of the gate to the east where a chest can be found. Check it’s other side with Sanji out to find some rare ingredients, too.

At the campsite, have Nami out as she’ll spot some huge amount of Berries by the tents. Then check the dining area where the soldiers are to find a chest that contains Chaka’s Necklace which gives +344 ATK when equipped.

Next, climb the lookout tower to find Zoro’s cube fragment. You can continue exploring the other lookout platform on the other side for more loot as well.

Once you’re ready, you can head towards the next gate to trigger another cutscene.

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