One Piece Odyssey Stop Crocodile’s Plans Chapter 2 Walkthrough

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Stop Crocodile’s Plans is the fifth objective of Chapter 2: Memories of the Desert Kingdom, Alabasta in One Piece Odyssey. As the Straw Hats make their way through the desert and towards the capital city of Alubarna, their journey is cut short by a checkpoint that has been placed by the Marines.

Read ahead as we go through the events in Stop Crocodile’s Plans, sharing some tips and tricks, as well as some hints on the whereabouts of the collectibles.

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Stop Crocodile’s Plans Objectives

  • Head to Alubarna
  • Break Through the Checkpoint

Head to Alubarna

Head outside the gates of the garrison and another cutscene will play showing the barricade of soldiers on the path to the city.

Break Through the Checkpoint

Before crossing the bridge to the checkpoint, consider defeating the enemies roaming the area first to level up the crew and make sure that their power levels can catch up for the encounters ahead. The enemies in this area provide some good amount of EXP, especially when special objectives are triggered and met.

Cross the bridge after you’re done grinding. Immediately after crossing the bridge, turn left and you’ll see Usopp’s cube fragment by the base of the bridge.

Approach the checkpoint to trigger another cutscene. Vivi then gets taken away by the sailors which prompts another fight. Defeat the sailors to proceed.

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