Remnant 2: How to Get Band of the Fanatic Ring (Awakened King DLC)

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It’s not easy to deceive a bloodthirsty mob in Remnant 2 but when you do, you are rewarded with secret loot that you would otherwise not be able to acquire. Getting the necessary garments to pull off the ruse is a different matter entirely.

This guide will tell you how you can get the Band of the Fanatic Ring in Remnant 2 The Awakened King DLC. Please note that you will most likely not be able to get this ring on your first playthrough of the new Losomn map. You’ll know why in a bit.

How to Get the Band of the Fanatic

To be able to get the Band of the Fanatic, you need to be wearing the Ritualist armor set. The set can be found under the bridge as you set foot onto Nimue’s prison tower. It’s not hard to find, but it all depends on where you are looking.

We first get the clue that the armor set can deceive ‘some’ Dran from our conversations with Leywise, the scribe. He tells us that you can walk amongst the Dran while wearing the armor. That is somewhat true but it only applies to the group at the end of the pier. Everywhere else, you are treated like any other enemy of the Dran.

This place is unskippable as you need to go to this area to reach the connecting dungeon that’ll lead you deeper into the Forlorn Coast. You might be able to run through and away the wrath of the mob. But I don’t think the Preacher will revert back to his Dran form even if you return wearing the Ritualist armor set.

This is easily doable on your second playthrough of the DLC, however. At this point, you should already be wearing the armor set and listening to the wisdom of the preacher.

How to Talk to the Preacher

For this next part, you’ll need to just hang around near the preacher until he finishes his sermon. You can walk in between the crowd but do not, under any circumstances, provoke an attack. If you do, that’ll end your attempt at getting the ring.

Once the preacher finishes his sermon and the crowd begins to disperse, you will be able to have a conversation with him. He says that he has noticed you during the sermon, and while you may look different from other Dran, all are welcome if you are willing to submit yourself to the will of the One True King.

With the wisdom he imparts onto you, a ring that symbolizes your devotion to the cause. Little does he know that he will be bringing an end to the king’s reign. Or become his new herald of vengeance. The choice is up to you.

What does the Band of the Fanatic do?

When equipped, the Band of the Fanatic increases Status Effect Damage by 25% at the cost of 65% Status Effect Duration. Don’t be fooled when you see that 65% reduction in duration. The 25% bump in damage is huge, especially when paired up with the Ritualist’s Miasma Skill. All those Status Effects at once can do serious damage during the small amount of time they are active. You can extend the effect by hitting them with status effect-infused weapons.

If anything else, the Ritualist Archetype‘s Affliction Trait can ease the penalty if you have at least 5 points invested in it. Some concoctions allow you to extend the duration of negative status effects. Something you can take full advantage of if you have the Alchemist Archetype equipped.

All in all, a great ring to have on while you are on the offensive. However, you’ll start to question your choices once the status effects start hitting you. Sorry, Traveler. The ring doesn’t specify outcoming status effects. Just all active status effects.

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