Remnant 2: How to Get Knight Guard Weapon Mod (Awakened King DLC)

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There are layers upon layers of secrets in Remnant 2. While some secrets are revealed by performing a specific action, others like this one require players to uncover two separate, yet related, secrets before finding a hidden area in one of a dungeon’s two loot vaults where there is a 50% chance of the player finding out the secret before using up the key that can only one of the loot vaults. Sounds complicated? Welcome to Remnant 2.

This guide will tell you how you can get the Knight Guard Weapon Mod in Remnant 2’s Awakened King DLC. However, before we start the guide, you should know that in order to get the crafting material necessary to make the Knight Guard Weapon Mod, you’ll need to be wearing the Crown of the Red Prince Helmet.

To get the Crown of the Red Prince, you first need to get the Assassin’s Dagger from an instance of the Council Chambers and then bring the dagger quest item to Nimue to transform into the Assassin’s Dagger melee weapon. Next, you’ll need an instance of the Gilded Chambers and kill the Red Prince using the Assassin’s Dagger. Like father, like son.

Now that you roughly know how to get the item you need to open the secret door, let’s go over what you need to do to get the weapon mod.

How to get Knight Guard Weapon Mod in Remnant 2

To start the process of acquiring the Knight Guard Weapon Mod, you first need to go to the Pathway of the Fallen dungeon in Losomn. Make your way to the garden maze and past the first item vault. There’s an Amulet inside but you can get it on another run in Adventure Mode.

Head to the back of the maze near the waterfall and you’ll find the Wraithliege Abberation. Defeat him to get the Memoriam Medallion Key. This key will allow you to open one of the vaults that house the Gift of Melancholy and the Gift of Euphoria.

Important: You can choose to use the key to open the vault in your current location. This will allow you to acquire the Gift of Melancholy Amulet. Unfortunately, this will cause you to lose the key in the unlocking process. Hold on to the key for a little while longer.

Go back to where you fought the Wraithliege and head to the end of the pathway. There, you will find a life-sized portrait. Destroy to reveal a room with a chest and, more importantly, a portal to the Walk of Remembrance.

Fight your way to the loot vault of that world and unlock the door using the Memoriam Medallion Key. Inside you will find the Gift of Euphoria Amulet to add to your collection.

Now, to unlock the secret room, you’ll need to equip the Crown of the Red Prince and walk toward the empty space between two portraits. (As pictured above.) Almost immediately, a passage will burst into existence covered in flames. Walk inside to find a hidden chamber of secrets.

This chamber was once used by the One True King’s mistress. This unnamed Fae is the mother of the Red Prince whose crown you now wear. You can find a couple of documents explaining the lengths she remained hidden so as to not become a target of jealous Fae looking to harm the One True King. But alas, she died before teaching the Red Prince what he needed to know to become strong.

At the back of the chamber, you’ll find the Cremated Soul Ash crafting material on top of a pedestal. Don’t forget to pick it up before leaving the chamber. With crafting material in hand, it’s time to pay Cabe a visit.

Crafting the weapon mod will cost you the following materials:

  • Cremated Soul Ash
  • 5x Lumenite Crystals
  • 650 Scrap

When the mod is used, it will summon two knight blades that will attack random enemies in the immediate vicinity of the summoner. Since the blades themselves are summoned objects, they will benefit from any accessories that boost summoned entities. The Summoner Archetype has some great items that can make use of if you can afford the Blood Moon essences.

Unfortunately, the blades don’t do much to help when paired with the Ritualist Archetype but they do make a mess of things as their wave attacks have a chance of staggering lesser enemies as they approach.

And that’s all I’ve got for this Knight Guard Weapon Mod guide. There are plenty more secrets in the Awakened King DLC. And in typical Gunfire Games fashion, the developers have added new random drops in the existing set of worlds from the base game. I highly suggest going on another adventure in the base worlds. You never know, the next random pickup could be your next favorite ring or amulet.

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