Top 12 Best Weapons God Rolls to have for Destiny 2 Season of Plunder

Top Weapons we recommend for Destiny 2 Season of Plunder


In Destiny 2, there are a ton of weapons that players need to survive challenging maps and build up their character. As season 18 has begun, players have started preparing their builds to not strengthen their characters but also to prepare for the challenges that await them in the coming weeks. Below is our list of the top 12 best weapons that players will need for Destiny 2 Season Of Plunder.

best destiny2 season 18 weapon choices

Delicate Tomb – Fusion Rifle

As one of the newest exotic weapons in Destiny 2: Season of Plunder, this weapon has been one of the most talked about weapons and I can see why. After reviewing a couple of videos of Youtubers and seeing gameplay videos about it, this rifle shows how advantageous it is for many. It makes powerful foes generate Ionic Traces plus it fires deadly shots. This exotic weapon is a must-have and deserves praise.

best destiny2 season 18 weapon choices

Brigand’s Law – Sidearm

Getting out of a tricky situation is sometimes needed in high-difficulty missions and what better weapon to have is a sidearm. Among the sidearms in Destiny 2 needed to survive the Season of Plunder is Brigand’s Law. This weapon has a nasty recoil but has great perks that will boost its range and stability. Grinding this weapon is a must and adding more perks to improve its recoil problem will be no problem at all.

best destiny2 season 18 weapon choices

Sailspy Pitchglass – Linear Fusion Rifle

A fusion rifle that can be obtained through looting in Destiny 2. As pirate-themed weapons go in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder, nothing says hello world, I am a space-pirate than the power of this new rifle. This weapon can target enemies very hard and although its weapon charge is slow at first, its impact stats, aim assistance & stability are very good.

best destiny2 season 18 weapon choices

Planck’s Stride – Machine Gun

This rapid-fire weapon has deep-ammo reserves that are useful in case of fighting shielded enemies. Dealing melee damage gives this weapon increased target acquisition and range for a short period & dealing melee damage again extends the effect. These effects make it suitable to be obtained in this season of Destiny 2. Lots of players especially Youtubers have been talking non-stop about this machine gun and loved how strong this is.

best destiny2 season 18 weapon choices

Allied Demand – Sidearm

Although it has low perks, it deals bonus damage to over shields and a little bonus damage to regular shields. Good for a Crucible meta dominated by Titan over shields. I find it very intrigued that a weapon this small can do a lot of damage. Its stats are very high and are very commendable.

best destiny2 season 18 weapon choices

Out of Bounds – Sub Machine Gun

This simple yet outstanding weapon is customizable as a selection of good mods can be applied to further enhance its damage capabilities. Though it’s low on impact, it’s very easy to handle and is well stabilized. It can also easily melt guardians as well at close range as we can expect a lot of them in the Season of Plunder.

best destiny2 season 18 weapon choices

Taipan-4RF – Linear Fusion Rifle

As a god-roll weapon, Taipan-4RF is a viable option for those that can’t secure a Stormchaser or Cataclysmic. This Linear Fusion Rifle only requires two patterns before it can be crafted and comes with one of the hottest perks: a Firing Line. Once you’ve got your Taipan crafted and start leveling it. You can make custom mods for it, especially for PVE and PVP. In my experience in PVEs, using the Taipan-4RF has unlimited potential and is perfect for increasing its Impact.

best destiny2 season 18 weapon choices

Whistler’s Whim

Now I know what you are thinking. Why on earth would you want to add a bow & arrow to your arsenal? Well, the reason for it is that this weapon found in Destiny 2 is an instant kill-type weapon that no one ever expected. It has perks such as Kill Clip that increase its damage, especially during a reload. Considering that it’s a simple-looking weapon, its stats are high mostly on impact, handling, and reload speed.

best destiny2 season 18 weapon choices

Tarnished Mettle – Scout Rifle

A nice pick to add to one’s inventory of guns and rifles in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder. As a lightweight scout rifle, it has lots of perks that vary from a range of item drops to intense rapid shooting offense to explosive rounds that make it a must-have for many. I highly recommend a weapon like this especially since it can do wonders in exploration-type missions and challenges.

best destiny2 season 18 weapon choices

Yesteryear – Pulse Rifle

If you don’t have a Gridskipper, considered to be one of the best pulse rifle weapons in Destiny 2, it’s best to use the Yesteryear. This rifle has tons of perks to mix and match and can be considered canon fodder to the mods. I wouldn’t recommend this weapon as it is a gambit-type weapon and it must only be used like I said if you don’t have a Gridskipper for the Season of Plunder.

best destiny2 season 18 weapon choices

No Reprieve – Shotgun

Close-range battles tend to happen a lot in Destiny 2 especially when enemies tend to swarm close by. Luckily, there is a weapon that can deal with that type of disadvantage and that is the No Reprieve – Shotgun. It is a pin-point slug-frame and is in stasis as well. Also, it has a lot of close-range perks that do kinetic damage and enhance the scope of the firing range. Overall, this weapon is a must-have not only for its pirate-looking design but also, for its performance.

best destiny2 season 18 weapon choices

Roar of the Bear – Rocket Launcher

As a player that loves to do explosive entries and damage, I highly recommend using the Roar of The Bear. This high intense weapon can set off chain reactions and leave burn effects on enemies near the target. When facing bosses, this is the ideal weapon to use especially when exploring new undiscovered areas. This is one of the best solar rocket launchers to add to one’s arsenal and is worth leveling up.

With all the suggested weapons we have listed for you guys, getting through the new season of Destiny 2 will be a cinch.

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