V Rising Cotton Yarn and Cloth Locations & How to Get

V Rising Cotton Yarn - Locations & How to Get

V Rising Cotton Yarn and Cloth are both essential crafting resources to get stronger. In this huge multiplayer online role-playing game, there is an emphasis on survival and crafting. Despite the fact that you learn a few basic skills early on, there is a lot more to crafting in this game.

Cotton Yarn and Cloth are one of the few key resources players will need. It’s utilized in various recipes and creating a Good Armor. Players must first unlock and construct a Loom, a workstation that may be built inside a castle, which is needed to create these resources.

Here’s a rundown on everything you need in order to create cotton yarn and cloth in V Rising.

How to Get Loom in V Rising

To make Cotton Yarn and Cloth, players must beat Beatrice the Tailor, a Level 38 boss, who holds the recipe to the Loom Structure.

Simply visit your Blood Altar and locate Beatrice in the list of V Rising bosses. Then click on Track Blood below the rewards she offers and follow the blood trail that emerges.

Beatrice the Tailor V Blood Boss - V Rising

Once you’ve vanquished Beatrice and gathered your materials, head back to your base and construct the Loom using:

  • 12 Copper Ingots
  • 20 Planks
  • 4 Wool Thread

Where to Get Cotton in V Rising

Keep in mind that in order to craft a Cotton Yarn, players will need to provide a total of 20 Cotton, and that Cotton can be obtained from the different Cotton Farms that are located across the Dunley Farmlands.

Here are the various cotton farm locations across Dunley Farmlands:

Cotton can be harvested from Cotton Farms in Dunley Farmlands or looted from nearby chests. However, it may only be harvested if you have a minimum of Merciless Copper Tools.

Where to Get Cotton 1 in V Rising

As a bonus, seeds may rarely drop from the plants you’re harvesting. This means that the cotton plants you’ll be harvesting have a small but distinct probability of dropping cotton seeds. Keep in mind that the seeds you obtain are based on the crops that are currently growing in the surrounding fields.

How to Make Cotton Yarn and Cloth in V Rising

If you have enough resources, you can utilize your Loom to make Cotton Yarn and Cloth as soon as you’ve built the structure.

1. Once again, Cotton Yarn is a resource that can be crafted, and to make them, all you will need is to provide a total of 20 Cotton to make 1 Cotton Yarn.

The primary purpose for Cotton Yarn that we are aware of at this time is to create the Eye of Twilight, which is necessary for advancing in the game.

2. You will need exactly 9 Plant Fibres and 3 pieces of Leather in order to make 1 piece of Cloth in V Rising.

Harvesting Plants yields Plant Fibres, and obtaining Animal Hides yields Leather. Dunley Farmlands, particularly Dawnbreak Village, is a common source of Cloth in the game. Animals and humans can be killed to obtain it. It’s not particularly efficient, but it will get the job done until you can make something better. Cloth can also be obtained by defeating Beatrice the Tailor, Christina the Sun Priestess, and others.

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