V Rising Exquisite Hearts Guide

Exquisite Hearts can be used to craft some powerful equipment. But what are they and where do you find them in V Rising?

In V Rising Exquisite Hearts is a rare drop that can be used to make powerful equipment in the game. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t really tell you where to get it. Unlike Iron or Whetstone, Exquisite Hearts are pretty hard to find. Don’t worry because we’ll show you where to get the V Rising Exquisite Hearts.

How to Get Exquisite Hearts in V Rising?

You can get Exquisite Hearts rising from defeating level 68+ enemies in Silverlight Hills. Upon defeat, they have a chance to drop Exquisite Hearts you can pick up. It is not a guarantee that enemies will drop an Exquisite Heart upon defeat and they take a while to respawn. If you want to farm Exquisite Hearts, it may take some time.

Go to the Brighthaven Cathedral for the best chance of finding enemies above level 68+ so you can farm them for that resource. Enemies here dish out punishing Holy attacks which your vampire is weak to. You’ll have to stock up on Holy Resistance Flasks to mitigate the damage.

V Rising Exquisite Heart

You can get the recipe for the Holy Resistance Flask from defeating Willfred the Werewolf Chieftain who resides northeast of the Dunley Farmlands. Read our All V Rising Dunley Farmlands Bosses – How to beat for information on Willfred’s location and how to beat him.

Once you’ve stocked up enough Holy Resistance Flasks, you should build up your equipment until you’re past Gear Score level 70 as enemies in Silverlight Hills are very tough. Read our How to Increase Gear Score Fast in V Rising guide

How to Use Exquisite Hearts in V Rising?

You have to use the Blood Press to turn Exquisite Hearts into Primal or Great Blood Essence which are used to create powerful equipment. Another item that has the same value and can be used the same way are Unsullied Hearts so keep an eye out for those.

There is a way to make Primal and Great Blood Essences without Exquisite Hearts or Unsullied Hearts. However you first need to defeat Tristan and Jade the Vampire Hunters for their recipes.

  • Greater Blood Essence recipe: Obtained from defeating Tristan the Vampire Hunter (Level 46)
  • Primal Blood Essence recipe: Obtain from defeating Jade the Vampire Hunter (Level 62)

Using the recipes up above, you can turn regular Blood Essence into Greater Blood Essence then into Primal Blood Essence. It’s a better alternative than having to farm for Exquisite Hearts. Our All V Blood Boss Locations in V Rising should show you where and how to find Tristan and Jade.

V Rising Exquisite Hearts

Now you know where to get V Rising Exquisite Hearts. We hope that you’ll have some good luck in farming them to make your powerful equipment. Speaking of making powerful equipment, we have a guide for V Rising Weapons – All Weapons and How to Use Them if you want to take a look at the arsenal of weapons that vampires can use in V Rising.

Check out this Youtube channel from Game Guides Channel showing how to get a V Rising Exquisite Heart.