How to Move Castles in V Rising

A guide on castle moving in V Rising.

V Rising Castle cover

Castle Building is one of the features that players can dabble into in V Rising. Castles are basically a vampire’s safe haven and a base camp where all the other half of the vampirism business is being done.

A castle can be built anywhere in the map, as long as there is an ample space. This means, you can build your first castle right outside the cemetery where you first spawn into the world. But as the game progresses, you’ll discover more open land that is much more suitable to build a base on.

Can you move castles in V Rising?

If by “castle” you mean your entire castle in one go, sadly, that cannot be done. You can only dismantle your castle walls, floors, and anything in it, including the Castle Heart which is the core of the castle. There is still hope though since you can definitely move to another spot and make another castle, but we’ll first have to talk a bit about Castle Hearts so that we can talk about how to “move” your castle.

Site of a former Castle Heart. A new Castle Heart does not necessarily have to be placed on the exact spot.
What is the Castle Heart?

As the name implies, it is the heart of the castle itself which powers up every mechanism and contraption placed inside the castle. It also keeps the castle from crumbling down. It does all of these with the help of Blood Essence which comes from your slain enemies.

The Castle Heart also dictates how big you can expand your castle. It’s basically the most important part of the castle, and without it, the castle will be dysfunctional. Thankfully, the game provides the players access to two Castle Hearts in the early parts of the game.

This means, if you don’t like the spot where you placed your first castle and you found a new spot that works better for you, all you need to do is to plop down the second Castle Heart on the new spot. By doing this, you will avoid being castle-less as you are transitioning into your new castle; in essence, this is the closest that we can get to moving castles.

A castle with an empty Castle Heart.

How to move the Castle Heart within a Castle

You might find yourself wanting to do a bit of a castle makeover and move some stuff around in your castle, including your Castle Heart. As you have learned so far, one of its main functions is to keep the castle from crumbling, and therefore you might think that moving it might become a disaster.

You don’t have to worry as it is totally fine to move a Castle Heart within the castle’s boundaries. But, and this is important, finding the right location where it’s possible to relocate it is a bit finnicky. We have compiled a small list of requirements that the new spot must meet in order for it to accommodate a Castle Heart:

  • The new spot must be within the castle’s established boundaries.
  • The tile itself must be an empty space, therefore it should be the bare ground it should not have any paved floors.

With these requirements in mind, if you want to relocate the Castle Heart somewhere else, it can just be a 1×1 tile which basically can just be a nook in your castle. So you can relocate the Castle Heart to somewhere in the castle to make it less “in the way”, just make sure that you can still access it to replenish its Blood Essence.

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