Weird West – How to Upgrade Weapons

Learn how to upgrade your weapons, find the Blacksmith's forge, and gather nuggets in Weird West.

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Upgrading weapons in Weird West is important to stay sharp in the deadly game. However, upgrading weapons isn’t as easy as one may think.

If you’ve been looking to be the deadliest gunslinger in Weird West then you’re going to need some help. This guide will teach you how to upgrade your weapons, where to upgrade your weapons, and how to unlock weapon upgrades in Weird West.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Weird West

Weapon Description Weird West - How to Upgrade Weapons
Make sure to read the description of your weapons

You need to use Blacksmith’s Forge to upgrade your weapons.

You need to have enough materials to be able to upgrade a specific weapon type. To know what kind of materials you need to upgrade your weapon with, go to your inventory and check the description. Each weapon will have their own requirement depending on how rare and powerful they are.

Here are the three materials you can use to upgrade your weapons:

  • Copper Nuggets
  • Silver Nuggets
  • Gold Nuggets

Once you’ve collected enough of the specific nuggets to upgrade your weapon, go to the Blacksmith and use the Forge. Upgrading your weapons is free so you don’t need to worry about a fee. It should be noted that nuggets are for upgrading weapons only, crafting and upgrading vests require different materials.

And that is how you upgrade weapons in Weird West. Check below for details on Blacksmith forge locations and how to gather nuggets.

Where to Find Blacksmith's Forge - Weird West - How to Upgrade Weapons

Where to Find Blacksmith’s Forge in Weird West

You can find a Blacksmith’s forge in Grackle near the entrance you spawn in. It’s owned by the Bennett family. You may remember doing an optional side-quest first at the beginning of the game when George Bennett is kidnapped by the Stillwater gang.

There is also another Blacksmith’s forge in Boulder Creek southeast of the map. You can use it in case you didn’t unlock the forge at the beginning of the game.

How to Unlock the Blacksmith’s Forge in Weird West

You can finish The Abducted Blacksmith optional side-objective to unlock the Blacksmith’s forge. You can get this quest early in the game. Once you’ve completed it, the Blacksmith’s forge in Grackle will be available to use at no cost.

Best Way to Get More Nuggets in Weird West

Nuggets are the main materials you need to use to upgrade your weapons. There are three of them: Copper, Silver, and Gold. Each can be found throughout your journey, however, you can also smelt bars in the Blacksmith’s forge to create new nuggets.

Tips on Getting More Ores - Weird West - How to Upgrade Weapons

Here are the best ways to gather nuggets:

  • Smelt bars: instead of selling Gold, Silver, and Copper Bars to the bank in town consider smelting them down for upgrade materials instead.
  • Mine nuggets: you can often find nuggets to mine in caves or underground. This will require a pickaxe.

Due to how the forge works, it can be easy to smelt down the nuggets into bars instead so be mindful when using it. It costs two of the same type of nuggets to make a single of the same type of bar while it only takes one bar to make a single ore. This unbalance in trade-off means that you’ll lose nuggets if you accidentally turn them into bars instead.

Are Weapon Upgrades Worth It in Weird West?

Weapon upgrades aren’t really worth the trouble. At least at the beginning of the game where you have standard weapons. Upgrades will only add little damage and will require a good number of specific nuggets that can be challenging to gather. There are weapons in the Weapon Shop in Grackle that may be more worth it.

You’re still better off saving your nuggets for later when you find unique and powerful weapons. Using them on standard equipment will just be wasteful when you find something better down the line.

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