Will there be guns in Dying Light 2?

Learn where to get a gun in Dying Light 2

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You might be roaming around Dying Light 2 wondering how to get guns. Sadly the game’s melee-focused gameplay means that it’ll be a while before you can get your hands on one. Here is how to get guns in Dying Light 2.

How to Get Guns in Dying Light 2

Unfortunately, there are no guns in Dying Light 2. You can, however, craft a gun-like weapon named the “Boomstick”.

In order to get the Boomstick in Dying Light 2, you have to buy the blueprint from Craftmasters in any settlement and craft one. To craft Boomstick you’re going to need 100 scraps which is a lot. The blueprint for Boomstick only unlocks after you’ve finished A Place to Call Home story quest.

Boomstick is a handmade shotgun with only 2 ammunition. It will deal 160 damage to any nearby enemy you aim at. Its extremely limited ammunition means that your use of this shotgun will be infrequent.

To use the Boomstick in Dying Light 2, you’ll have to equip it with your tools which will take up a slot you could use for throwables, paraglider, or your UV Flashlight. Press L2 or the corresponding button to use it.

Dying Light 2 Guns - Bow and Arrow

Why Are There No Guns in Dying Light 2?

There are no guns in Dying Light 2 because there isn’t anyone alive with the skill to make them. That is how developers Techland justifies the medieval-like setting.

Unlike the first Dying Light game, there aren’t any real, professionally made firearms in Dying Light 2. Only the Boomstick exists with incredibly limited ammunition and range. That isn’t to say that there are no ranged options. Dying Light 2 takes place 11 years after the end of the modern world. So the explanation of the developers is justifiable.

Bows are a good alternative to use in Dying Light 2 for ranged combat. Many skills you can acquire center around melee but bows also have their own category. If you find enough GRE containers you’ll be able to get the best ones that can rival the use of any guns in the previous game.

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