Evil Dead The Game Achievements – Trophy Guide and How to Get Platinum

A guide for acquiring all the trophies in Evil Dead: The Game and achieving platinum.

Evil Dead: The Game achievements are like milestones that players collect to show off how far they’ve gotten in the game. Polish your boomstick and start revving up your chainsaws because some Evil Dead: The Game trophies are challenging to get.

How to Get Platinum in Evil Dead The Game?

You have to earn all other trophies in Evil Dead: The Game before you’re awarded the platinum trophy. This is standard procedure for any other game that has a platinum. Earning platinum means you have reached the final milestone in Evil Dead: The Game and have achieved everything the game has to throw at you.

Thanks to the nature of Evil Dead: The Game you can simply keep replaying to earn trophies. No trophies in the game are permanently missable, however you do have to be online to earn them. Read our Can You Play Evil Dead: The Game Offline for more information. It’ll take multiple playthroughs of Evil Dead: The Game’s various modes to earn every trophy and achieve platinum.

Evil Dead The Game Achievements – Trophy Guide

In this Evil Dead: The Game achievements guide we’ll show you how to earn all 45 trophies in the game. Keep in mind that you do need internet connection to earn these trophies and playing the game on multiplayer. So if you’re on consoles, earning all these achievements will require PS Plus or Xbox Gold. There are also 11 hidden trophies in Evil Dead: The Game.

The Evil Dead: The Game trophies can be divided into:

  • 28 bronze trophies
  • 15 silver trophies
  • 1 gold trophy
  • 1 platinum

Here is a list of all the Evil Dead: The Game trophies and how to get them:


Savior and Destroyer

Collect all trophies



Reach the maximum user level

Earning the sole Gold Trophy in Evil Dead: The Game requires some repeated grinding. It can take a while to reach maximum user level so you’ll have to keep going back to hunt demons in the 4v1 and complete the single player missions.


Back to the Deadlands

Defeat the Dark Ones

Hail to the king, baby

Reach the maximum level with a Survivor

We shall be again

Reach the maximum level with a demon

Out of the cellar

Unlock all of a demon's unique skills

I may be bad, but I feel good

Fully upgrade 4 categories using Infernal Upgrade Points

Dead By Dawn

Kill 10 Survivors as a boss unit

One by one we will take you

Kill a Survivor as a possessed survivor

Make like a tree

Possess a tree and hit two Survivors at once

Effortless Evil

Win a match as a demon without possessing a boss unit


Win 30 matches as a demon

Dark Thirty

Win 30 matches as a Survivor

Boss of Bosses

Kill 20 boss units

Fully Loaded

Fully upgrade 5 survivor categories using Pink F points

Weapon of Choice

Kill 50 Deadites with a legendary weapon

Truly amazing

Unlock all of a survivor's unique skills

Earning Silver Trophies can take some practice. Some trophies are as straightforward as unlocking player characters skills which involve levelling them up. You’ll also have to kill a certain number of enemies as Demons and Survivors to require a bit of grinding to do.

We have a guide for Evil Dead The Game All Playable Survivors, Classes and Abilities to help you unlock the Truly amazing achievement. Give it a read if you want to know what unique skills you have to unlock per survivor.


Just warming up

Kill 50 demon elite units


Possess 50 basic units

Control Freak

Possess 25 elite units

Be the boss

Possess 10 boss units

Join us!

Possess 10 Survivors

Who's laughing now?

Kill 10 boss units

Knuckle Sandwich

Kill a Deadite with your bare hands

That's gotta hurt!

Perform 10 special attacks

Who's next, huh?

Perform 100 finishers

Never leave a friend behind

Revive an incapacitated teammate 30 times

Back from the dead

Resurrect 10 teammate's souls at an altar

Books From Beyond

Successfully collect 20 Lost Pages


Turn on 50 light sources

Swallow this!

Kill 10 Deadites with a headshot

Guiding Light

Find 300 items with the flashlight

The Deadite Slayer

Kill 500 Evil basic units

Not today, demon

Free 10 possessed teammates

Bronze trophies aren’t too hard to achieve. You just have to get around and explore in the game. You’ll eventually earn most of them after some time as Evil Dead: The Game’s bronze achievements mostly center around the game’s basic mechanics.

Hidden Bronze

You can't outrun Evil

Run over a Survivor with a possessed car

The Four Horsemen

Finish a match with four Ashes on your team

Hand Shake

Hide Ash's hand in a chest and scare a survivor who opens it


Run over 50 Deadites with a car

Classic Ride

Drive the Delta while playing as Ash

I'm driving here!

Honk a car's horn


Drive a car with all your teammates in it

OG Survivors

Finish a match with Ash (The Evil Dead), Cheryl and Scotty in your team

Second Team

Finish a match with Ash (Evil Dead 2), Annie Knowby and Ed Getley in your team

Medieval Mode

Finish a match with Ash (Army of Darkness), Lord Arthur and Henry the Red in your team

Jacksonville, here we come!

Finish a match with Ash (Ash vs Evil Dead), Kelly and Pablo on your team

The hidden bronze trophies don’t really about the game’s story since there’s little narrative to be found in Evil Dead: The Game. Read our Evil Dead The Game Developers Explain How Single-Player Missions Work for more information. However if you’re seeking to earn all hidden bronze trophies in Evil Dead: The Game, you’re going to need to bring along some friends as several trophies require specific team compositions.

If your friends don’t have a copy of Evil Dead: The Game or don’t have time to play it, you can play the game’s single player and assemble your team there to earn OG Survivors, Second Team, Medieval Mode, and Jacksonville, here we come! achievements.

Besides that, the remaining hidden bronze trophies aren’t too difficult to earn. They’re pretty straightforward and you should be able to get every trophy in this section in a few matches.

Evil Dead: The Game achievements

That’s out guide for Evil Dead: The Game achievements. We hope we helped you attain platinum in the game. If you really liked this guide, we have more Evil Dead: The Game content for you to check out.

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