Evil Dead The Game Characters and Voice Cast

Evil Dead The Game Characters and Voice Cast

Evil Dead: The Game is almost here, with Boss Team Games and Saber Interactive set to release this multiplayer horror game this week.  As a celebration of horror in general, Evil Dead: The Game is amazing. Some of the Evil Dead The Game Characters you may recognize, as some of the voices in this title are a chock full of cameos and easter eggs. 

With a hot trend in horror games right now, Evil Dead: The Game seems to be an action-packed, blood-soaked good time starring Ash Williams.

Evil Dead The Game Characters and Voice Cast

Here are the voice actors of Evil Dead The Game and the roles they play:

  • Ash Williams – Bruce Campbell
  • Cheryl Williams – Ellen Sandweiss
  • Kelly Maxwell – Dana DeLorenzo
  • Lord Arthur – Marcus Gilbert
  • Pablo Simon Bolivar – Ray Santiago

Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams

Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams - Evil Dead The Game

If you’ve seen Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell is probably one of the first names you’ll recognize. Burn Notice character Sam Axe; reporter in Amazing Spider-Man; and a cameo in the current Doctor Strange movie are just some of the other roles he’s played. Having him on deck makes sense since his role as Ash has defined his career.

Ellen Sandweiss as Cheryl Willams

Ellen Sandweiss as Cheryl Willams - Evil Dead The Game

Cheryl Williams, Ash’s sister, has a significant part to perform in Evil Dead: The Game. Ellen Sandweiss, like Bruce Campbell, has made a successful career out of her role as Cheryl, and she has grown to love and understand the character over time.

Dana DeLorenzo as Kelly Maxwell

Dana DeLorenzo as Kelly Maxwell - Evil Dead The Game

Kelly Maxwell in the film Ash Vs Evil Dead was played by Dana DeLorenzo, who is relatively fresh to the Evil Dead universe. Apart from that, she has appeared in films such as Friendsgiving, A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas, and many others.

Marcus Gilbert as Lord Arthur

Marcus Gilbers as Lord Arthur - Evil Dead The Game

Lord Arthur, like the other members of the cast, is played by Marcus Gilbert, who was in the original production. He may be best known for his roles as Tomask in Rambo 3, Lord Carysbroke in The Dark Angel, and Eric Von Stalheim in Biggle, among other films.

Ray Santiago as Pablo Simon Bovilar

Ray Santiago as Pablo Simon Bovilar

Ray Santiago has had a fairly diverse acting career, spanning over two decades in the industry. In addition to his role as Pablo in Ash vs Evil Dead, you can see him in the film In Time as Victa and the television series Meet the Fockers as Jorge Villalobos.

All other Characters and Voice Cast in Evil Dead The Game

Many other roles can be recognized along the way in Evil Dead: The Game, For the time being, these are the actors who have already been cast so far:

  • Andrew Morgado – Deadite Berserker, Deadite, Skeleton
  • Betsy Baker – Linda, Demon Narrator
  • Cissy Jones – Annie Knowby, Deadite Annie, Deadite Berserker, Deadite
  • Cristina Vee – Deadite Berserker, Meat Puppet, Demi-Eligos
  • Dave B. Mitchell – Henry The Red, Deadite Arthur, Skeleton, Meat Puppet
  • Dino Andrade – Demi-Eligos, Skeleton, Deadite Berserker
  • Fred Tatasciore – Henrietta, Deadite Berserker, Skeleton
  • Hal Delrich – Scotty, Deadite Scotty
  • Jim Pirri – Professor Knowby, Deadite, Skeleton
  • Jon Bailey – Ed Getley, Deadite Ed, Deadite Elite, Skeleton
  • Kellen Goff – Deadite, Eligos, Demi-Eligos
  • Kimberly Brooks – Amanda Fisher, Deadite Amanda Fisher, Deadite, Meat Puppet
  • Krizia Bajos – Little Lori, Deadite Berserker, Demi-Eligos
  • Nick Murdoch – Skeleton Elite, Deadite Berkserker, Demi-Eligos
  • Piotr Michael – Lord Arthur, Deadite Arthur, Sewer Deadite, Baal
  • Theresa Tilly – Shelly, Tanya

So, There you have it, that’s everything we know on Evil Dead: The Game’s Cast and Voice Actors. There are a few names that’s not include on this list. It’s mostly due to not knowing their role in the game or the voice actor’s name. You can count on us to update this page with additional cast information as it becomes available!

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