Destiny 2 How to Use Eva’s Holiday Oven | Dawning 2021 Event

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It’s the holiday seasons and the Dawning is upon us once more. You know what that means! It’s time to give old Eva Levante a visit. In this Destiny 2 How to Use Eva’s Holiday Oven we’ll be teaching you all about baking some goodies to make gifts. Read more below!

Destiny 2 How to Use Eva’s Holiday Oven in Destiny 2

During the Dawning, speak to Eva Levante. This kind hearted old grandmother can be found residing in The Tower, where the other vendors lie.

Eva Destiny 2 Rite of Dawning
Eva Levante

Speaking with Eva once will have her lend you her Holiday Oven. With this Oven you can bake goodies which can be given to folks residing in The Tower. You’ll be needing Eva’s Holiday Oven to complete Dawning event quests like The Pigeon Provides and The Rite of Dawning.

Quests Destiny 2 How to Use Eva's Holiday Oven

To access the Holiday Oven, you simply have to open your inventory. Once there, head over to your Quests tab where you’ll be able to see the Oven details. You’re going to need certain ingredients like Null Taste to complete the quests up above. Collecting these ingredients is a different tasks entirely.

Of course, you can’t just make up your own recipes. Once you pull up the Oven in the Quests tab, you’ll see the ingredients you need to complete a certain recipe. Once you have every ingredient you need, you simply have to click on the tab for the recipe and the Oven will automatically make it for you.

Recipe and Ingredients Destiny 2 How to Use Eva's Holiday Oven

When looking at the details of Eva’s Holiday Oven, the first two top boxes you’ll see are your recipes slots. The boxes on the bottom represent individual ingredients you’ve collected. After you’ve completed a recipe for the first time, it’ll be saved on the top boxes for easier access.

And that’s how you use Eva’s Holiday Oven. This year’s Dawning event has plenty of uses for this quest item, so you’d best get familiar with it. We have more Destiny 2 content that will help make the game a little easier for you.

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