Destiny 2 Rite of Dawning Event Quest 2021 Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to complete the Rite of Dawning event quest in Destiny 2.

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The Destiny 2 Rite of Dawning is an event quest that returns every year as part of the holidays. In it, you’re tasked to spread the holiday cheer as you gather intel for Commander Zavala so he can better understand the Cabal tradition to invite the Caiatl to celebrate the Dawning with us.

In this guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about what to do in the Rite of Dawning event quest.

Rite of Dawning Destiny 2 Rite of Dawning
Rite of Dawning

How to Start Rite of Dawning Event Quest in Destiny 2

To start the Rite of Dawning event quest, you’ll have to look for and talk to Eva Levante. This kind hearted old lady can be found residing in The Tower where many of the game’s vendors lie.

Eva will give you a brief introduction to the Dawning event before giving you the chance to grab the Rite of Dawning event quest.

How to Complete Destiny 2 Rite of Dawning

The Rite of Dawning is a quest in Destiny 2’s The Dawning 2021 event. They will need to search the areas in Destiny 2 for various things and materials.

Talk to Commander Zavala

You can find Zavala in the balcony overlooking the city. He’s a street block behind Eva so he should be easy to find. Talk to him to proceed the quest.

Despite his rough exterior, he does want to celebrate the Dawning with everyone. And so the good commander tasks you with looking for intel on Cabal traditions. He does this so that he can invite the Caiatl to celebrate the event with you. He’d ask them personally but he’s too shy.

Firebase Hades Destiny 2 Rite of Dawning
Red Legion Datapad Location

Locate a Red Legion Datapad inside Firebase Hades

The Red Legion Datapad can be found on the southwestern wall of Firebase Hades. You’ll recognize it by its appropriately red glow and objective marker floating above.

Unfortunately, there are a few enemies around the area who don’t really like the holidays. You can just ignore them and grab the datapad. Or shoot them dead, whichever you prefer.

Pathfinders Crash Destiny 2 Rite of Dawning
Ceremonial Cup Location

Gather Ritual Schematics and Locate a Ceremonial Cup

The Red Legion Datapad tells you of a Cabal tradition regarding a ceremonial cup and some schematics. A bit strange, but none of us are Caiatl so we’re going to have to go looking for those without question.

For the Ceremonial Cup, you’ll have to look for it on the southeast side of Pathfinders Crash Lost Sector inside Firebase Hades. You can find the cup near the ridge to the east just before the entrance to the Winding Cove. You can collect it in one of the boxes near a crashed sip as loot.

Ritual Schematics are a bit more simple to find. Just kill some Cabal enemies until the schematics drop. While killing doesn’t sound very festive, those Cabal guys really deserve it for getting in your way.

Acquire The Torobatl Ceremonial Vestments

You’ll have to go to the EDZ and complete the Arms Dealer strike to earn the Torobatl Ceremonial Vestments. This one is pretty straightforward. Just finish the strike and open the chest at the end for the vestments.

Make Dark Chocolate Motes and Deliver Them to the Drifter

To get the Dark Chocolate Motes, you’ll have to get them from acquiring Taken Butter. Sorry but it seems that this holiday event is about to get even bloodier. To get Taken Butter, you’ll have to defeat Taken enemies until they drop.

You’ll also have to use Void kills to acquire Null Taste which is a required recipe for the Dark Chocolate Motes.

Afterwards, you’ve collected the above you can now make Dark Chocolate Motes and then deliver them to the Drifter in The Tower. He’ll be so happy that he’ll give you the Torobaltian Red as a quest reward.

Return to Zavala

With the Ceremonial Cup, Ritual Schematics, Torobatl Ceremonial Vestments, and Torobaltian Red wine you are now ready to go back to Zavala to report your success.

Zavala will be happy with your efforts and give you a Malibeaux Bronze legendary shader as a reward.

Complete Proving Grounds Strike

Go ahead and launch the Proving Grounds after your chat with Zavala. You can do so immediately by going to Destinations on the Nessus Map.

As you can tell the Caiatl are a bit shy on accepting the treaty to celebrate the Dawning with you guys. So you’re going to have to encourage them with a little bit of violence. Complete the strike and the Caiatl will be open to negotiations.

Eva Destiny 2 Rite of Dawning
Eva Levante

Return to Zavala and Eva

It’s time to tell Zavala the good news. You’ve successfully “encouraged” the Caiatl to be on friendly terms with you during the Dawning event. Speak with the commander first to see his reaction.

Finally, talk to Eva Levante to close the Rite of Dawning quest. She’ll be a bit disappointed to hear that a little violence was used to make new friends. Though she’ll come around.

And with that you’ve successfully finished The Rite of Dawning event quest. Check out this Youtube video by Kawffee on how to complete this event quest.

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