How to Get Null Taste in Destiny 2 – The Dawning 2021

This article tells you how to obtain Null Taste because baking for your favorite NPCs is now possible in Destiny 2.

How to Get Null Taste in Destiny 2 The Dawning 2021

Null Taste is one of the components you’ll need in order to bake some cookies in order to get your hands on all of the new cosmetics in Destiny 2’s The Dawning event for 2021. But finding it can be a challenge, so you’ll need to put in some time in the game to farm.

The Dawning event in Destiny 2 has begun. Eva Levante’s return is a yearly occurrence, therefore it’s always a good idea to stock up on resources and missions as soon as possible.

The Dawning is all about collecting materials from the game’s major activities and locales to make presents and treats for some of Destiny 2’s most well-known NPCs.

Dawning Spirit can be earned by making and delivering cookies to the right NPCs. In order to get the most out of the event, you should start baking as soon as possible. We’ve provided all the information you need to get your hands on this rare drop during the event.

What is Null Taste in Destiny 2?

Null Taste is a kill ingredient, meaning it drops when you kill an enemy.

Null Taste - Destiny 2

During the Dawning 2021 event in Destiny 2, players can bake a variety of recipes in Eva Levante’s Holiday Oven. Chocolate Ship Cookies and Dark Chocolate Motes both use Null Taste as a component.

Most components are obtained via completing actions in the game, such as killing enemies or collecting power orbs.

To get Null Taste during The Dawning 2021 event, you have to kill enemies using Void damage. Any ability or weapon that deals Void damage can drop Null Taste. This implies you can receive them on pretty much for every Void blow, however Supers will probably give you Superb Texture with Void last hits.

How to Get Null Taste in Destiny 2?

To obtain Null Taste in the Dawning event of Destiny 2, you will need to use Void weapons and skills to kill enemies. As long as you kill the adversary with a Void weapon or ability, you have a chance of getting the item. To get enough Null Taste components, you’ll have to kill a lot of enemies.

Null Taste can be obtained via two major ways:

  1. Kill enemies using Void Abilities / Super Kills
  2. Kill enemies using Void weapons

Subclasses with Void Abilities in Destiny 2

In each class, there is a Void subclass with Void-based abilities that deal Void damage:

  • Hunter: Nightstalker
  • Titan: Sentinel
  • Warlock: Voidwalker

All Void Weapons in Destiny 2

Void damage can be dealt by Energy and Power Weapons.

Even though energy weapons inflict less damage to unshielded adversaries than kinetic weapons, they deal a lot more damage to elemental shields. When a Void weapon or ability destroys a Void shield, an explosion occurs, inflicting damage on nearby enemies.

Age-Old BondAuto RifleLegendary
Gnawing HungerAuto RifleLegendary
Null Calamity 9Auto RifleLegendary
Positive OutlookAuto RifleLegendary
Sand Wasp-3auAuto RifleRare
Solemn HymnAuto RifleLegendary
Galliard-42Auto RifleLegendary
Hard LightAuto RifleExotic
Reckless OracleAuto RifleLegendary
Refrain-23Auto RifleRare
Imperial NeedleCombat BowLegendary
Leviathan’s BreathCombat BowExotic
Le MonarqueCombat BowExotic
Subtle CalamityCombat BowLegendary
Coriolis ForceFusion RifleLegendary
GlacioclasmFusion RifleLegendary
Nox Calyx IIFusion RifleUncommon
Null ComposureFusion RifleLegendary
Proelium FR3Fusion RifleLegendary
Shock and AweFusion RifleLegendary
TelestoFusion RifleExotic
The Emperor’s EnvyFusion RifleLegendary
Zealot’s RewardFusion RifleLegendary
Erentil FR4Fusion RifleLegendary
Nox Lumen IIFusion RifleRare
The EpicureanFusion RifleLegendary
Berenger’s MemoryGrenade LauncherLegendary
Crowd PleaserGrenade LauncherLegendary
Edge TransitGrenade LauncherLegendary
Fighting LionGrenade LauncherExotic
Gareth-CGrenade LauncherUncommon
I Am AliveGrenade LauncherLegendary
Memory InterdictGrenade LauncherLegendary
Orewing’s MaulGrenade LauncherLegendary
Swarm of the RavenGrenade LauncherLegendary
TruthtellerGrenade LauncherLegendary
BushwhackerGrenade LauncherLegendary
Deafening WhisperGrenade LauncherLegendary
Plemusa-BGrenade LauncherRare
Resilient PeopleGrenade LauncherUncommon
Stampede Mk.32Grenade LauncherRare
The ColonyGrenade LauncherExotic
A Cold SweatHand CannonLegendary
Kindled OrchidHand CannonLegendary
OptativeHand CannonLegendary
Bottom DollarHand CannonLegendary
IKELOS_HC_v1.0.1Hand CannonLegendary
Lamia HC2Hand CannonRare
The PalindromeHand CannonLegendary
Thin LineHand CannonLegendary
Crooked Fang-4frLinear Fusion RifleLegendary
Lorentz DriverLinear Fusion RifleExotic
Threaded NeedleLinear Fusion RifleLegendary
Bane of SorrowMachine GunLegendary
CommemorationMachine GunLegendary
Exitus Mk.IMachine GunRare
Corrective MeasureMachine GunLegendary
HammerheadMachine GunLegendary
Shattered CipherMachine GunLegendary
Temporal ClauseMachine GunLegendary
Agrona PR2Pulse RifleRare
Agrona PR4Pulse RifleLegendary
Claws of the WolfPulse RifleLegendary
Graviton LancePulse RifleExotic
GridskipperPulse RifleLegendary
Impromptu-49Pulse RifleLegendary
Inaugural AddressPulse RifleLegendary
Last PerditionPulse RifleLegendary
Nergal PR4Pulse RifleLegendary
PremonitionPulse RifleLegendary
Requiem-45Pulse RifleLegendary
Bad OmensRocket LauncherLegendary
Bellowing GiantRocket LauncherLegendary
BrayTech OspreyRocket LauncherLegendary
Countess SA/2Rocket LauncherLegendary
Cup-Bearer SA/2Rocket LauncherRare
DeathbringerRocket LauncherExotic
Reginar-BRocket LauncherRare
Royal EntryRocket LauncherLegendary
Tomorrow’s AnswerRocket LauncherLegendary
TruthRocket LauncherExotic
Two-Tailed FoxRocket LauncherExotic
Calusea NoblesseScout RifleLegendary
Madrugada SR2Scout RifleRare
Royal ChaseScout RifleLegendary
Manannan SR4Scout RifleLegendary
VouchsafeScout RifleLegendary
Badlands Mk.24ShotgunRare
Retold TaleShotgunLegendary
The DeicideShotgunLegendary
Tractor CannonShotgunExotic
Zenith of Your KindShotgunLegendary
Ded Acumen IIShotgunUncommon
Quitclaim Shotgun IIIShotgunLegendary
The ComedianShotgunLegendary
Brass AttacksSidearmLegendary
Death by ScornSidearmLegendary
Eulogy SI4SidearmLegendary
Seventh Seraph SI-2SidearmLegendary
A Swift VerdictSidearmLegendary
Dead Man WalkingSidearmLegendary
Aachen-LR2Sniper RifleRare
BorealisSniper RifleExotic
Dead Zone RifleSniper RifleCommon
Eye of ForesightSniper RifleLegendary
Fate Cries FoulSniper RifleLegendary
Frozen OrbitSniper RifleLegendary
Luna Nullis IISniper RifleUncommon
PersuaderSniper RifleLegendary
The Mornin’ ComesSniper RifleLegendary
Trophy HunterSniper RifleLegendary
Widow’s BiteSniper RifleLegendary
1000 Yard StareSniper RifleLegendary
Archimedes TruthSniper RifleLegendary
Elegy-49Sniper RifleLegendary
Maestro-46Sniper RifleLegendary
Maxim XISniper RifleLegendary
The Long WalkSniper RifleLegendary
Etude-12Submachine GunCommon
Every Waking MomentSubmachine GunLegendary
Forte-15Submachine GunUncommon
Furina-2mgSubmachine GunRare
Harmony-21Submachine GunRare
Radiant StardustSubmachine GunLegendary
The Hero’s BurdenSubmachine GunLegendary
The RecluseSubmachine GunLegendary
Resonance-42Submachine GunLegendary
Shayura’s WrathSubmachine GunLegendary
Ruinous EffigyTrace RifleExotic
WavesplitterTrace RifleExotic
Double-Edged AnswerSwordLegendary
Steel Sybil Z-14SwordLegendary
The Other HalfSwordLegendary
Black TalonSwordExotic
Complex SolutionSwordLegendary
Falling GuillotineSwordLegendary
Future ImperfectSwordRare
Rest for the WickedSwordRare
GoldtuskHunter SwordLegendary
QuickfangHunter SwordLegendary
Crown-Splitter Titan SwordLegendary
Throne-CleaverTitan SwordLegendary

It appears that Null Taste is a difficult component to obtain. Players have reported having difficulty finding any even when using Void weapons and abilities.

Deathbringer - Destiny 2

Use AoE weapons and abilities to effectively distribute the damage and get as many void kills as possible in order to boost your chances. While Void swords like The Other Half are excellent, Null Composure and Deathbringer should be your go-to weapons for both the Heavy and Energy slots.

Best Farm Spots for Null Taste in Destiny 2

In order to farm Null Taste fast, you should seek out areas with a high concentration of enemies that can easily be killed. The greatest area to farm monsters is in a place where you can get a lot of monsters in a short period of time. Things like Strikes and Dungeons are often solid investments.

Farming for Null Taste is an option if you’re desperate. In a short period of time, you can earn a substantial amount of Null Taste from these locations:

  • The start of the new Grasp of Avarice Dungeon
  • Shuro Chi checkpoint in Last Wish
  • The Thrallway in the Shattered Throne Dungeon
  • Lost Sectors Perdition on Europa

You’ll get a lot more kills per minute in these areas than you would in any other situation.

Grasp of Avarice Dungeon - Destiny 2

Null Taste farming can also be done on the Moon’s Altars of Sorrow by eliminating a small army of enemies in each wave. If you’re looking for Dark Chocolate Motes for Drifter, the Thrallway in Shattered Throne Dungeon or Shuro Chi checkpoint in Last Wish are both good options, as they both yield Taken Butter.

Otherwise, you may just go ahead and do what you normally would, just make sure you use Void weapons. You have at least two weeks to complete the holiday tasks, so no rush needed.

Lastly, playing Dares of Eternity is one of the easiest ways to obtain plenty of Null Taste in Destiny 2 during The Dawning 2021. This activity is included in the 30th Anniversary Pack and is one of the most densely occupied in Destiny 2 right now.

Getting Starhorse’s Favor is particularly important because it gives players unlimited Special and Heavy ammunition for all weapons. In this way, gamers can effortlessly equip their strongest Void weapons and slay every enemy they find.

Null Taste Recipes

If you are looking for Null Taste then you must be wanting to bake some cookies. Here are the NPCs and recipes that need Null Taste in Destiny 2 during The Dawning 2021:

1. Amanda Holliday

Chocolate Ship Cookies is a Holiday Gift item that can only be obtained during The Dawning event that needs to be baked in Eva’s Holiday Oven. Chocolate Ship Cookies can be given to Amanda Holliday in exchange for Rare gear.

Chocolate Ship Cookies Recipe Ingredients:

  • Cabal Oil
  • Null Taste
  • 15 Essences of Dawning

2. The Drifter

Dark Chocolate Motes is another Holiday Gift item that can only be obtained during The Dawning event. Dark Chocolates Motes can be given to The Drifter in exchange for Rare gear.

Dark Chocolate Motes Recipe Ingredients:

  • Taken Butter
  • Null Taste
  • 15 Essences of Dawning

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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