Destiny 2 Photo Finish Shader – How to Get

Make your Guardian look like your LED'd PC rig.

Destiny 2 Photo Finish Shader cover

The Destiny 2 Photo Finish Shader is one of the must-have shaders that exist in the game right now. This shader is the first one to cycles through the different light spectrum and it works on a lot of gear, weapons, and even ships.

How to get the Photo Finish Shader in Destiny 2

The Photo Finish Shader is currently available for Week 13 in Destiny 2’s Eververse premium shop where it is sold for 300 Bright Dust. Be sure to grab it while it’s still in the shop; it’s available from May 17, 2022 and will be there until the weekly reset. There are no details yet where players can get this shader outside this period, or if it is exclusively available during the Guardian Games, as its name suggests.

How does the Photo Finish Shader work?

The Destiny 2 Photo Finish Shader work a bit differently than other shaders as its effects can only be seen on items that have a luminescent accent color, or accent colors that glow up. Though this seems to be the case for most of the items that have that particular accent color, it doesn’t work on some inherently luminescent items such as the Razor’s Edge sword or the Winning Streak vehicle.

it cycles between red, blue, and yellow and their intermediates.
How to apply the Photo Finish Shader

Similar to other shaders, the Destiny 2 Photo Finish Shader can be applied by selecting a piece of gear, weapon, ghost, vehicle, or ship and go to their cosmetic option (mods option for vehicles and ships). Once there, simply select the shader and you will be able to see it applied as it cycles through the different colors.

It is definitely a shader to add to your collection if you are the kind of player who likes to look bright and colorful. We recommend using it on cloaks and on the #Sponsored Ghost Shell for maximum results.

Where to get Bright Dust in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Bright Dust is rewarded by completing weekly challenges given by the different NPCs such as Commander Zavala and the Drifter. These weekly challenges will have you complete eight bounties coming from these respective NPCs, and once done, you’ll get around 120 Bright Dust per weekly challenge completed.

You can also get Bright Dust as a reward for reaching specific levels in the Season Pass.

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