Destiny 2 Season 19 Best Titan Build

Best Destiny 2 Titan Build for Season of the Seraph

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Are you looking for the Destiny 2 Season 19 best Titan build? The Season of the Seraph is upon us, and it’s once again time to update your build to suit the times. This guide will teach you the best Titan build for Destiny 2 Season 19.

Here is the best Titan build for Destiny 2 Season 19:

Best Season 19 Titan Abilities

  • Tower Barricade: Drops a small barrier that allows you to peak over when aiming down sights. It also increase the stability, reload speed, and range when standing behind the barrier.
  • Sentinel Shield: Summons a Void of Light shield that lets you use it as a melee attack, guard or throw it at enemies. Grants you overshield upon hitting enemies with Shield Throw.
  • Vortex Grenade: A grenade that explodes upon impact which also applies a 5 tick burn that damages and prevents health regeneration.

It can be a tough pick between Rally Barricade and Tower Barricade however, the the latter does have an edge against the former in that it gives you quite a bit of cover. However you may be tempted by the weapon buff Rally Barricade gives you so it’s your pick. The Sentinel Shield is a great ability to have since it’s a versatile weapon to have letting you hit enemies up close, block incoming damage, and throw them at far away foes.

Vortex Grenade is a decent pick for PVE compared to Axiom Grenade or Scatter Grenade. You can switch it out according to your preference should you choose to do so.

Best Season 19 Titan Aspects

  • Controlled Demolition: Void abilities that hit enemies will attach a Void detonator to their person. Hitting them further will detonate it causing an explosion that hits nearby enemies.
  • Bastion: Casting your Super grants overshield to your allies and yourself with extended duration.
  • Offensive Bulwark: Gives you significantly increase grenade charge when overshielded and increased melee damage. Your Sentinel Shield throws also gets an extra charge.

Since we’re going to use a lot of our Titan abilities for this build, taking Controlled Demolition isn’t a bad choice for extra damage. Enemies will be implanted with a detonator that upon being hit again, causes an explosion that damages enemies nearby their location. This makes it a great pick for PVE content. Bastion is an aspect that helps you and your team stay alive. You might also want to take Offensive Bulwark to help add more offensive capabilities to your Sentinel Shield Super.

Best Season 19 Titan Fragments

  • Echo of Remnants: Extends the duration of your Void Grenades, Void Walls, Axion Bolt, Void Spike.
  • Echo of Undermining: Void Grenades weaken enemies.
  • Echo of Instability: Enemies that are defeated by grenades grant Volatile Rounds to your Void Weapons for 10 seconds.
  • Echo of Reprisal: You get more Super energy when inflicting Final Blows when surrounded by combatants.

A lot of the fragments that we chose for this build buff our Titan abilities. Echo of Remnants help extend the duration of your bombs while Echo of Undermining weaken enemies. Volatile Rounds from the Echo of Instability help inflict volatile on enemies which cause them to explode upon further hits.

Best Season 19 Titan Weapons

  • Dead Messenger: A grenade launcher exotic that releases three energy waves upon contact with the ground.

You can check our Destiny 2 How to Complete the Kill the Messenger Quest and Get the Dead Messenger guide for information on how to get this weapon.

Best Season 19 Titan Armor

  • Heart of Inmost Light: An exotic Titan chest armor where your other two abilities are empowered upon using an ability.


  • Bountiful Well: Will grant energy to the ability with the lowest current energy upon picking up a elemental well.
  • Ashes to Assets: Grants bonus Super energy from grenade kills.
  • Reaping Wellmaker: Will spawn a Void elemental well upon a Final Blow with your weapon after activating your class ability.
  • Well of Tenacity: Picking up Void well reduces the damage you take.
  • Fonts of Might: Elemental wells give you a 25% increase for weapons of the same elemental type.
Destiny 2 Season 19 Best Titan Build

The Destiny 2 Season 19 best Titan build comes from Void elementals. You can adjust it to your liking however just make sure that your Void abilities are well complimented by the mods and fragments equipped.

That’s the Destiny 2 Season 19 best Titan build. We hope this article was informative. We have more related Destiny 2 content you’ll find interesting:

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