Diablo Immortal Lost Artifacts Zone Event Guide

A guide on how to complete the Lost Artifacts Zone Event in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Lost Artifacts cover

Lost Artifacts is one of the Zone Events that players can do in Diablo Immortal. This Zone Event requires players to look for a lost artifact after receiving a mysterious scroll pointing to where it can be found. Players will find themselves looking forward to clearing this quest as it is a good source of upgrade materials.

In this guide, we will be talking about how to do the Diablo Immortal Lost Artifacts Zone Event and what rewards can be received from it.

How to unlock the Diablo Immortal Lost Artifacts Zone Event

To be able to access the Lost Artifacts Zone Event, you will have to reach and play on at least Hell I difficulty. This can be done by completing the entire solo campaign quest and reaching level 60 with your character. Once that is met, head towards the Shassar Sea Zone and you can start finding mysterious scrolls for the event.

How to complete the Diablo Immortal Lost Artifacts Zone Event

The main objective of the Lost Artifacts event is to find the lost artifact in the Shassar Sea with the help of a single clue.

Find a Mysterious Scroll

Enemies in the Shassar Sea have a very small chance of dropping a Mysterious Scroll. It’s a blue-tier item that has to be picked up manually. This is the only tedious part of this event and it relies heavily on luck; there’s no other way to speed this part other than just slaying as many enemies as you can in the shortest time possible.

Once you do get a Mysterious Scroll, use it at a safe location as soon as possible. It reveal a location in the zone where you can find the lost artifact.

Mysterious Scroll.

Look for the Lost Artifact in the marked area

Head to the marked area on the map to start looking for the lost artifact.

Once you are at the area, you will have to look for Ancient Urns. Interacting with these urns will open them and release their contents. These urns will release one of the following:

  • A slow-down curse
  • An enemy
  • An explosive trap
  • The lost artifact
Ancient Urn.

Return to Tabri’s Encampment

Once you find the lost artifact, Calim will appear from a portal and take the artifact. You will then have to go to Tabri’s Encampment on the southwest side of Shassar Sea and talk to Calim to claim your rewards.

Tabri’s Encampment.

Diablo Immortal Lost Artifacts Zone Event Rewards

A chest will show up and drop random gear and six (6) Enchanted Dusts which is an upgrade material used to power up your gear to higher levels.

Diablo Immortal Lost Artifacts Zone Event Tips

  • This zone event is repeatable, however, due to the very low drop rate of the mysterious scroll, it’s not a fairly reliable way to farm for Enchanted Dust. It’s best to treat this zone event as a passive one whenever you have to do bounties in Shassar Sea.
  • If you do get a mysterious scroll, use it right away ins a safe area since you can only hold one scroll at a time.

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